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Initiating, Opening, and Closing a Recruitment

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Starting the Recruitment Process

When a position vacancy occurs, or a new position is created, the department completes a Recruitment Request and attaches a corresponding Job Description and forwards it to Human Resources. The Lead Employment Specialist logs it in and gives it to the Manager, Employment & Compensation (MEC) for the first phase of the recruitment process. MEC reviews the Recruitment Request, Job Description, and Classification Standards to ensure that the position is correctly classified. The MEC will sign off on the Job Description and Recruitment Request when it is approved. Three (3) copies of the approved Job Description and approved Recruitment Request are then given to the assigned Employment Coordinator for opening of recruitment.

Recruitment Number

A unique five–digit recruitment number (job opening number) is assigned for each recruitment through the Human Capital Management System (HR PeopleSoft). This number is system generated and is referred to throughout the recruitment process.

Job Flyer

The Job Flyer is a short description of the department, duties and responsibilities of the position, qualifications and preferred experience. This information can be found in the Job Description initially submitted with the Recruitment Request. Once the flyer is prepared, the Employment Coordinator meets with the hiring department to introduce the Recruitment and Selection Plan packet. This packet includes the following forms: Recruitment Selection Plan Agreement, Candidate Evaluation, Recommendation to Appoint, Pre Employment Inquiry Guidelines, Reference Check Questionnaire, Interview Scheduling Information, and the Job Flyer. During this meeting, each form is briefly explained. After the job flyer is posted to the CSU and Cal Poly’s websites, ten (10) copies are made and given to the Customer Service Center for distribution to applicants upon request.

Closing a Recruitment

When a recruitment closes, the Employment Coordinator will collect all applications received and evaluate them to determine which candidates meet minimum qualifications. When it has been determined that an applicant does not meet the minimum qualifications (i.e., not enough experience and/or education, degree not relevant to position, etc.), their application is not forwarded to the department. After the evaluation process has been completed, the applications of those that meet the minimum qualifications will be forwarded to the hiring department. The hiring department will then select candidates to be interviewed. Meeting the minimum qualifications does not guarantee an interview. First consideration will be given to on-campus candidates.

Scheduling Interviews

The hiring department schedules interviews and forwards the list of candidate names, interview times, and the names of the interview panel to the Employment Coordinator.

At the time the interview is scheduled, the manager or designee will email the supplemental employment application form to each applicant. The applicant is to bring the completed and signed form to their first interview. Please collect the form at the end of the interview.

The supplemental forms are to be sent to the employment representative before the offer can be made.

Including Assessment and Supplemental Questionnaires in Recruitment Selections

As part of the selection process in Employment Services, a department may chose to administer an assessment or supplemental questionnaire to determine knowledge, skills, and abilities of candidates. An assessment or supplemental questionnaire is distinct from a test and the distinction is important. During the hiring process, the University DOES NOT administer tests, which are perceived by candidates as a 'pass or fail' situation, rather than a measurement of knowledge, skills, and/or abilities. It is Human Resource's responsibility to ensure that assessments or questionnaires are unbiased, relevant to the position being recruited, and administered in a manner that clearly measures knowledge, skills and abilities.

Below are the guidelines that must be followed when using an assessment or supplemental questionnaire during the recruitment process:

  1. The recruiter must be advised prior to the posting of the position that the department will be administering an assessment or supplemental questionnaire. This information will be included in the position posting. Failure to notify the recruiter will result in an extension of the posting.
  2. Assessments and Supplemental Questionnaires must be approved by the recruiter prior to their administration.
  3. All candidates must complete the same assessment.
  4. All assessment results must be turned into HR with the applications and evaluations.
  5. An assessment that is used without prior approval from HR cannot be used to determine the final candidate.

Recommendation to Appoint

After the department interviews all of the qualified candidates, the department forwards the Recommendation to Appoint to Human Resources and includes all applications and evaluations. If the Recommendation to Appoint requires further documentation or explanation, the appointment package will go back to the Employment Coordinator for follow-up with department (e.g., justification memo that addresses the reason for an outside of range hire; or for each on-campus applicant not hired).

Employment Offer

The assigned Employment Coordinator will summarize the offer and review it for equity, then call the selected candidate to make the offer. If the candidate counter-offers, the Employment Coordinator will act as the liaison between the hiring manager and the candidate.

The offer will include the following information:

1. Title of the position
2. Status of position (Full-time, probationary; full-time, temporary, etc.)
3. Starting salary
4. Anticipated start date

Candidate Start Date & New Employee Orientation

The Employment Coordinator will schedule the first day of employment and a New Employee Orientation. The department is then notified of candidate’s acceptance, and expected start date.

Appointment Letter

The Employment Coordinator will prepare the Appointment letter for the department’s signature. The employee will sign the original Appointment letter and Job Description on their first day of work.