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Reassignments - Temporary or Permanent

Permanent Reassignments

An employee may be permanently reassigned, in their current classification, from one department or unit to another department or unit.

Employee retains their current salary; a salary increase cannot be given in a permanent reassignment.

Requests to permanently reassign an employee require the approval of the appropriate Vice President.

Temporary Reassignments

  • An employee may be temporarily reassigned to a lateral position when the duties are consistent with his/her current classification. A salary increase is not given in this situation.
  • An employee may be temporarily reassigned to a position in a higher classification when he/she is required to perform duties inconsistent with his/her current classification.

  • Upon completion of the temporary reassignment, the employee shall return to the classification and assignment they were working in prior to the temporary reassignment.

  • When moving to a higher classification--the typical salary increase is 5% or the minimum of the new salary range, whichever is greater.
  • Requests to temporarily reassign an employee require the approval of the appropriate Vice President.

Length of Temporary Reassignments

The length of a temporary reassignment is limited in duration and is determined by the classification's applicable bargaining unit.

  • CSUEU (Units 2, 5,7 & 9) classifications: Six (6) months; may be extended up to an additional twelve (12) months for a total of eighteen (18) months.

  • APC (Unit 4) classifications: Six (6) months; may be extended up to an additional six (6) months for a total of twelve (12) months.

Procedure to Request a Reassignment

  1. Must provide employee with Notice of Reassignment (Memo from HEERA Manager to Employee) and updated Job Description at least 14 days prior to effective date of reassignment. Both Supervisor and HEERA Manager should sign the last page of the job description. Employee will sign the original job description in Human Resources at the time they sign their appointment letter.

  2. Forward the completed Reassignment Request Form, Notice of Reassignment, updated Job Description, and resumé (if reassignment is to a higher classification) to Manager, Employment and Compensation.

Additional Information

  • An employee who receives a salary increase from a temporary reassignment is not eligible for an additional salary increase if the employee obtains the position through a recruitment.

  • If temporary reassignment is for a period of more than six months and the reassignment is from a non-exempt to an exempt position, the current Compensatory Time Off (CTO) balance must be paid out to the employee. This applies to CSUEU (Units 2, 5, 7 & 9) classifications only.

  • If employee is reassigned from a bargaining unit position to a Management Personnel Plan (MPP) position, the vacation accrual rate will change to 16 hours per month.

  • When a reassignment results in a change in collective bargaining unit, the benefits are subject to change to those provided under the employee's new bargaining unit.

  • When a Unit 4 employee is reassigned to a higher classification, there is a 30-day waiting period prior to the new salary becoming effective.