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Hiring a Temporary Emergency (TE) Employee

Temporary Emergency (TE) Employee

When immediate staffing is necessary, circumvention of the recruitment process is allowed through the hire of Temporary Emergency employees.

Employment Services maintains a pool of qualified applicants for use during Temporary Emergency hires. When needed, these applications are submitted to the hiring managers for review and may be used to fill such vacancies.

Starting Salaries

Temporary Emergency employees are brought in between the minimum and the 1st third of the salary range for their appropriate classification.

Length of Temporary Emergency Appointments

The length of a Temporary Emergency appointment is limited in duration and is determined by the classification's appropriate bargaining unit.

  • CSUEU Classifications: 90 days; may be extended up to an additional 90 days if the employing department formally recruits for the position

  • APC Classifications: 60 days; not eligible for extension

Time-Base for Temporary Emergency Appointments

Temporary Emergency hires may be appointed as full-time, part-time, half-time, or temporary, hourly, intermittent.

Process for hiring a Temporary Emergency Employee

  1. Submit a completed Temporary Emergency Request Form. Temporary Emergency hires require approval from the appropriate Vice President .

  2. Employment Services will contact the hiring department to determine if the department has a candidate in mind or will need to review the applications from the pool.

  3. The hiring department schedules and conducts interviews. Once a candidate is chosen, the department will need to submit a memo to appoint which should include: the candidate's name, employing department, effective date of appointment, and classification.

  4. Employment Services will extend the offer of employment to the candidate.

  5. On the employee's first day of hire, they will report to Human Resources to review and sign their appointment letter and complete the appropriate Payroll documents.

Bronco ID Numbers and Computer Access

Due to the expedited nature of the hire, Temporary Emergency employees will not have Bronco ID numbers upon hire (unless they have been previously assigned one by the University). Payroll generates the Bronco ID number which takes five working days from the effective date of employment. Please contact your department's Payroll technician to retrieve the employee's Bronco ID number.

Once the employee has been assigned a Bronco ID, the Help Desk will generate a User Name and Password for computer access. Please call the Help Desk to obtain this information.