Cal Poly Pomona

About Employee/Labor Relations

Employee/Labor Relations advises and provides guidance to campus administrators, managers, and staff on many general employee matters, policies and procedures, progressive discipline, formal grievances, formal/informal complaints, facilitation, and employee disputes.

Employee Relations is the primary resource to managers in dealing with staff grievances and complaints, disciplinary and performance issues and can assist employees in resolving problems, managing performance (including performance evaluation ), and providing strategies for creating a positive working environment.

Services provided by Employee/Labor Relations

  • Acts as campus liaison between Cal Poly Pomona and CSU Labor Relations at the Chancellor's Office;
  • Provides interpretation and clarification regarding University policies and procedures, staff collective bargaining agreements (including updates and contract changes), and applicable statutes and regulations;
  • Represents Cal Poly Pomona in fact-findings, grievances, arbitrations, and administrative reviews;
  • Identifies strategic methods and/or systems for effective supervision, performance management, and corrective action;
  • Responds to information requests, conducts meet and confer conferences with represented and non-represented groups for campus-level issues;
  • Acts as liaison with general counsel for employee/labor relations issues; and
  • Provides training on employee/labor relations issues.