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New Employee Sign Up Packets


Welcome to Cal Poly Pomona! We are delighted to welcome you to our team. Your contribution is important to us and we want to assist you in a successful transition to University.

Successfully completing the New Employee Sign Up Process will result in your information being entered into our Human Resources and Payroll Services systems.

This will allow Payroll Services to process you onto the University payroll, so that you receive your pay in a timely manner. It also places your information in our system so that you may obtain your Bronco Card (Employee Identification Card). This process also allows Payroll to generate your Bronco Number (Employee Identification Number) and your E-mail Account Claim Code--both are needed for you to be able to obtain your University e-mail account.

Please select your new employee type in the table box on the right to view your forms and instructions. If you need assistance in determining the correct sign up packet, please contact the Customer Service Center at 909-869-3733.







New Employee Packets & Sign Up Forms


(Non-Resident Alien)

Teaching Associates & Graduate Assistants

Teaching Associates & Graduate Assistants-NRA (Non-Resident Alien)

Student Assistant

Student Assistant-NRA

Instructional Student Assistant (ISA)