Welcome to Cal Poly Pomona's IEEE Club
IEEE stands for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and is the world's largest technical society. IEEE members will receive a subscription to IEEE Spectrum magazine, professional IEEE documents, and access to a data base search of the entire IEEE collection. By Joining IEEE you attend conferences to meet industry leaders, find the latest research, and even have a chance to show your own work to a broad audience. At Cal Poly Pomona, IEEE offers company tours and leadership camps. We offer workshops for Simulink, Matlab, PSpice, as well as free tutoring events. We have guest speakers from the industry to give you a chance to network with them. For more relaxed events, we may have BBQ's, bowling nights, and bonfires. So come to our meetings and see what we are all about.
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Benefits of Joining IEEE
  • Members receive access to IEEE's digital library, with search options for documents within Journals, Magazines, Conference Proceedings and IEEE standards.
  • Opens networking opportunities by attending section events.
  • Receive Special Discounts on a large number of products and services, including Books, Magazines, Travel, Insurance, and electronics.
  • Members enjoy free subscriptions each month to IEEE Spectrum and Potentials Magazine filled with technical articles and career information for students.
  • Enhance your employment opportunities by receiving job and internship listings that are not available through the career center.
  • LabVIEW Student Install option exclusive offer from National Instruments for IEEE student members.
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