As the executive officer of the IEEE, the President is the key to effective student leadership. The President is responsible for the overall management of IEEE, and a key motivator. To be effective, the President must learn and use the skillful art of delegating responsibility to the other officers, as well as to certain selected members as required by the size and range of activity of IEEE.
  • Represent IEEE on campus.
  • Preside at all meetings of the Branch.
  • Hold regular meetings of the Executive Committee (officers), and serve as Chair (President). Appoint program, publicity, and membership committee chairs promptly.
  • Communicate frequently with other officers.
  • Maintain communication with members and Officers in particular.
  • Arrange for the election of Officers on a calendar year basis, and report to IEEE national org.
  • Ensure smooth transition of information and materials to newly elected officers, and arrange orderly transfer of IEEE records.
  • Work with and coordinate some activities with Section and Region officers.
  • Ensure that Branch is operating in conformity with the standards set forth by the Office of Student Life (OSL)
Vice President
The Vice President frequently oversees committee responsibilities, and always shares the workload of the President. Since the Vice President is an important member of the IEEE Executive Committee, he/she can do much to motivate Branch activity.
  • Prepare Power Point Presentations for General Meetings.
  • Perform all functions of the President in his/her absence upon request.
  • Chair the Program and Membership Committees.
  • Arrange for refreshments at special event meetings/activities (Secondary to Program Chair).
  • Assist the President in following up on assigned committee responsibilities.
  • Fill in for any absent officer position.
  • This responsibility is temporary until the President can appoint a new officer to the vacancy.
The Treasurer is responsible for handling the clubs finances.
  • Prepares the ASI Budget Request.
  • Handles disbursement requests for members.
  • Is the median between officers and ASI business services.
  • Keeps of account balances.
  • Report at each officer meeting.
  • Handles incoming funds from companies, fundraising, and external reimbursements.
The Secretary maintains all IEEE documents and supplies for the year. The secretary shall maintain the correspondence of the organization. He/She shall keep a roster of members per quarterwhich will include names, member numbers and emails
  • Responsible for all incoming and outgoing email communication to members and officers.
  • Maintain an accurate record of all IEEE meetings (minutes), and post/send to current officers and email archives.
  • Maintain IEEE forms and supplies as required by the Branch.
  • Alert necessary officers when replenishment is necessary.
  • Maintain Branch membership roster and committee assignments list.
  • Post a calendar of events.
  • Assist President to ensure that activities are conducted under the provisions of the current IEEE Constitution and Bylaws.
  • Arrange for an orderly transfer of all Branch records to the incoming Secretary.
  • Correspond when necessary with University administration and other recognized organizations.
Web Master
The Webmaster is responsible for updating and maintaining our online presence.
  • Assists in public relations via website and online networking.
  • Constructs and updates organizations web page.
  • Ensures all web related issues are taken care of (i.e. applications).
Industry Relations
The industry relations representative is our interface between our membersand industry.
  • Organize trips and tours or special events beyond regular program efforts.
  • This includes but not limited to company tours, company presentations, company luncheons/dinners.
  • Collaborate with professors to provide educational workshops.
  • Attend Industry Action Council (IAC) meetings once per quarter.
Program Chair
The Program Chair is responsible for preparation of venues and advertising for on campus events.
  • Arrange for refreshments at special event meetings/activities.
  • Coordinate Branch promotion, and publicity of events.
  • Makes flyers for secretary to distribute via email.
  • Coordinate event venues/rooms on campus.
The Historian is responsible for documenting all events.
  • Takes media during regular meetings and events.
  • Uploads files to online networking sites.
  • Prepare brief reports of events.
  • This includes statistics of attendance and synopsis of event.
  • Prepares End of Year Banquet Slide Show
Engineering Councel Representative
The E-council Rep is the interface between the engineering council and the club as well as the IEEE foothill section and the student branch.
  • Attend all Engineering Council meetings.
  • Report and request any club needs and business.
  • Attend all IEEE Foothill section EXCOM meetings.
  • Report and request any club needs and business.
The fundraiser is responsible for coordinating and generating sources of revenue for the club.
  • Coordinate with external sources for revenue.
  • Plan and coordinate fundraising events.
  • These may be defined as any event that is executed for the purpose of raising funds.
  • Coordinate with Program Chair for fundraising events.
SPAC Chair
Student Professional Awareness Conference Chair is responsible for coordinating a conference in which members, IEEE representatives and industry interact and discuss the current qualities necessary to succeed in the industry.
  • Plan SPAC Conference.
  • Coordinate venues and catering.
  • Recruit members of industry and IEEE national to attend and present at conference.
  • Advertise event to surrounding campuses and community.