Cal Poly Pomona

I & IT Applications Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Years 2007-2012

Strategic Mission
Lead the campus in the development and maintenance of data-rich enterprise wide applications delivering critical functionality to students, faculty, and staff.  Promote secure, accurate and timely applications for data management and reporting, and develop the integration between these applications.

Strategic Directions and Tactics

  1. Improve business operations and efficiencies through the use of advanced technologies.
      • Implement Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) to create real-time communications between PeopleSoft and other web service applications.
      • Implement database reliability and scalability by moving to a Real Application Cluster (RAC) architecture.
      • Develop PeopleSoft enhancements to improve the self services offerings we provide to students, faculty, and staff.
      • Develop an automated approach for tracking campus modifications and re-applying those modifications after a change to the delivered PS application.
      • Develop automated documentation tools for PeopleSoft modifications.
      • Implement a self configurable campus portal for students, faculty, and staff so that users can personalize their portal experience.
  2. Develop an enterprise wide solution for comprehensive data reporting for the entire campus.
      • Integrate Human Resource and Finance data into the Data Warehouse.
      • Add the PeopleSoft Analysis Database as a data source for the Data Warehouse.
      • Meet the reporting requirements of the campus in a timely manner.
      • Validate reports and identify data errors from source systems.  Work with administrative users to correct data errors.
      • Introduce non-Hyperion based reports into the Data Warehouse
      • Develop a marketing campaign to introduce and promote the Data Warehouse as the comprehensive reporting solution for the entire campus.
      • Assess the ease of use of the Data Warehouse for potential improvement
      • Implement performance dashboards for decision makers.
      • Integrate the Data Warehouse with the campus portal.
  3. Develop a collaborative team to create a Learning Management System (LMS) environment that is highly available, reliable, and easy to use.
      • Provide a reliable LMS application in which routine maintenance does not impact users’ ability to access their data.
      • Participate in the CSU selection of an LMS application of choice.
      • Become active in the Blackboard user community space.
      • Implement more of the features available within the Blackboard suite.
      • Enable web services for communication between LMS and other web service applications and provide real-time integration between enterprise wide applications.
      • Integrate the campus LMS application with the campus portal.
  4. Develop a team of innovative, dynamic, and knowledgeable professional staff.
      • Develop a training program for employees that promotes learning-centeredness and career progression.
      • Create the organization’s succession plan.
      • Determine staffing needs and cross training opportunities within the department.
      • Assess the possibility of establishing a student internship program as a feeder to a technical consulting firm (perhaps in the PeopleSoft space).
      • Become a leader within the CSU for PeopleSoft expertise and innovative development.