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Annual Help Desk Assessment shows 18% Increase
for Service Requests, Customer Satisfaction still high

July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011


Cal Poly Pomona
Help Desk

This is I&IT Support’s annual assessment of customer satisfaction for the Cal Poly Pomona Help Desk as measured by two survey tools, the survey tool in Web Help Desk (WHD) and the Oracle script that is used as a satisfaction survey for email service requests.

Assessing customer satisfaction of the Cal Poly Pomona Help Desk is part of I&IT’s portion of the university’s Assessment Initiative. This was mandated by the university’s accreditation agency, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). This annual assessment is meant to contribute to the university’s “culture of evidence” that shows Cal Poly Pomona takes assessment seriously.

Included are data and analyses on the number of requests to the Help Desk. Thanks to Candie McDougall for compiling all this data and to Candie and Carol Heins Gonzales for reviewing this report before final submission.

Assessment Cycle, Methodology

The surveys are for the 2010 Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2011. The number of requests to the Help Desk is compiled using WHD tickets, counts for some types of requests not carried in WHD, calls to the Help Desk as measured by I&IT's BCMS PBX application and emails to the Help Desk.

The assessment cycle, as presented to the I&IT Leadership in 2009, has five steps. The steps are expanded below to explain I&IT's assessment goals and practices in compiling this report.

  • Step 1: Expected Outcomes – I&IT expects its customers to be extremely satisfied, one of the ratings in both surveys, or satisfied. I&IT expects to spot trends in increases or decreases in certain types of Help Desk requests.
  • Step 2: Assessment Methodologies / Target Levels – I&IT management reviewed the two surveys. The goal has been a rating of either “extremely satisfied” or “satisfied” for at least 85% on both surveys.
  • Step 3: Implementation – Crunch the numbers presented from the two surveys and the counts of the types of Help Desk requests.
  • Step 4: Findings – Report the data.
  • Step 5: Action Plans – What should be done as a result of the findings.

Survey Results

There are eight questions in the Web Help Desk survey (graphed below). The key one is #2 below.

How Satisfied were you with your service?


Extremely Satisfied







Extremely Disappointed





How Satisfied were you with your service? TOTAL



Type of Users

Satisfied with service

Promptness of service

Help Desk importance


Recomend Help Desk?


Heard of eHelp


Use eHelp first?


The Oracle application survey results for the 2010 fiscal year are as follows:


Oracle survey: satisfied?


Promptness of service


Help Desk importance


Recommend Help Desk


Heard of eHelp


Try eHelp first?


Call escalated?

Selected Analysis of the Survey Results

With a 2% response rate, overall help desk satisfaction remains high with 97% for respondents to the WHD survey reported either satisfaction or extreme satisfaction and more than 90% of the Oracle respondents with the same marks. This is a trend from previous years. See last year’s assessment for specific data.

Other impressions:

  • eHelp recognition continues to be not as high as I&IT management would like. However, eHelp is being changed to an interactive wiki so its recognition and use may increase.
  • The overwhelming number of survey respondents would recommend the Cal Poly Pomona Help Desk to others and consider the Help Desk important.

Help Desk Number of Service Requests by Type

Here is the total for the most recently completed fiscal year of the types of service requests.

Tickets worked on between 07/01/2010 12:00 a.m. and 06/30/2011 11:59 p.m.




Accessible Technology




Active Directory








Cable TV


Classroom, Lab, and Event Support


Data Warehouse


Desktop Software


Desktop/Laptop Support


Distribution Lists




File Services


Group Control Panel


My Control Panel




Open Seats


Other Services






Scanning Services




Slide Card Access




Video Services


Voice Systems


Web Content


Web Help Desk


Total (Total from WHD/ Subtotal)


Call Transfers











Selected Analyses

Compared to last year, we received about 5,000 more service requests, an 18% increase from the previous year. This is expected in that we now have all but one college in Academic Affairs running their service requests through the Help Desk. At this time a year ago, we had just started assuming technical support management of The College of Environmental Design, the College of Science and , central Academic Affairs and the University Library.  Additionally, the College of Agriculture was transitioned during this reporting period.  (CEIS, Collins and University Advancement were transitioned during the prior reporting period.)  Desktop/laptop support requests in the previous year totaled 341 vs. 4,291 in the latest period.

Other impressions:

  • Email service requests were higher than the previous year (3,049 in the latest period vs. 1,854 for the previous year). This could be explained by the switch of student email to Microsoft Outlook Live, a project started in early calendar 2011 and expected to complete by Dec. 31, 2011.
  • User electronic account-related questions increased around 12% from the previous year (10,506 vs. 8,730). This could be because of some changes in our Identity Management categories and increased applications for admission to the university as students.
  • Blackboard queries (1,763 vs. 965) increased. This could be because the Cal Poly Pomona Help Desk made a concerted effort to address more Blackboard questions and because of improved logging of Blackboard requests and the transfer of Studio 6 to Academic Affairs.  
  • BroncoDirect help requests increased to 1,470 from 1,172. A possible explanation is the most recently completed period was the first full year of Cashnet, the service utilize to pay their fees.  

Action Plans: Review of last year’s

In last year’s report, three basic action plans were established:

  • Increase eHelp awareness
  • Determine a process for handling service requests from the colleges
  • Improve the software licensing and distribution process.

As noted above, eHelp is being converted to a wiki. As part of this, a decision was made during the most recently completed period to not advertise eHelp as we originally planned. 

We developed a process for handling service requests from the newly supported areas within Academic Affairs. The process is basically to contact the Cal Poly Pomona Help Desk, whose representatives record the request in WHD. The 2nd Tier unit responds to these requests and works to complete the service request as soon as possible. Specific details of this process are delineated in our Memo of Understanding with Academic Affairs and in internal Help Desk documentation for the staff.

A software licensing team was formed within I&IT Support to improve software licensing and distribution. The download authorization process for customers and technical partners is being improved and we expect continued work on this in the coming year.

Action Plans for this year

  • Continue efforts to improve use of eHelp though the migration of eHelp into a Wiki, as well as evaluating the use of various content mediums (e.g., videos).
  • Improve support model for Blackboard to better transition and track calls with the eLearning group, now outside of I&IT.
  • Improve support model for classroom and lab support to ensure the least amount of impact to instruction.
  • Look for ways and products to speed up desktop/laptop support through the use of virtualized user stations, classrooms and labs and remote work station management.  Although not part of the currently reported numbers, previous analyses showed we complete the overwhelming majority of desktop/laptop service requests in 3 working days or less. With more automatic tools, we would like to increase the number of requests closed quickly or within 3 working days by eliminating some travel to user work sites.

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