Cal Poly Pomona

Welcome to IT@CPP Technical Support

Serving the university's students, faculty and staff, IT@CPP Projects & Services consists of a team of information technology professionals who provide the following services:

  • Assistance – basic and advanced end-user assistance with hardware, software and centralized information technology services in the form of walk-in, phone or email requests that may be handled quickly or require visits to faculty and staff work stations.
  • Communications – direction of IT division communications (internal and public affairs) and online, technical support documentation.
  • Information – public information for the campus community in the form of campus information (switchboard) operators.
  • Accessibility -- Coordinates compliance with the CSU's Accessible Technology Initiative.
  • Assessment -- Leads the IT@CPP division's assessment initiatives.

For IT@CPP Projects & Services' five-year strategic plan, click Strategic Plan   .

To learn how to access the IT Service Desk ticketing application, click here.

IT@CPP Projects & Services Personnel

  • Associate CIO, Projects & Services – Manages the staff, setting general strategic direction; manages daily tactical issues; manages major projects; provides administrative, business and technical leadership to the staff. Directs IT@CPP public affairs communications and IT@CPP division assessment initiatives. This position also is the university's accessible technology coordinator, who reviews electronic purchases for compliance the the CSU's Accessible Technology Initiative.
  • IT Service Desk Staff – Provides the university community with frontline computing support by responding to phone and email queries and walk-in visits from students, faculty, and staff. The IT Service Desk staff can initiate Cal Poly Pomona e-mail and other computer accounts, and answer general questions on Cal Poly Pomona-specific and standard desktop operating systems and applications software. Additionally, the IT Service Desk staff configures laptops for wireless access and administers software licensing.
  • Technical Communications Specialist - Writes, edits and publishes on-line documentation such as e-help.
  • Campus Information Operators - Provides answers to questions at the university's central switchboard and directs callers to the correct person or department.
  • Administrative Support Coordinators  – Assists director and staff with administrative functions.

This page was last updated on September 24, 2014.