Cal Poly Pomona

Strategic Plan 2008-2013

Strategic Mission

I&IT Support will become the provider of choice for end-user support for enterprise services and general information for students, faculty, staff, applicants and other campus community members.

Strategic Directions and Tactics

  1. Increase Help Desk maturity level from Standardized to Managed and then Optimized as defined by Educause research studies.
    • Implement quantitative goals that measure service performance.
    • Achieve a high, predictable quality level by optimizing services through continuous process improvement.
    • Align services with business strategies and emerging technologies.
  2. Advance Help Desk to a level of being a full Customer Service Desk.
    • Develop synergies of support between the Campus Information Operators and the Help Desk.
    • Assure customers receive consistent, accurate information.
    • Explore, propose and add new services beyond technical support and general information.
    • Expand the responsibility of Support from being “technical support” to become Customer Communications and Service.
      • Update eHelp pages regularly to provide accurate information.
      • Augment, revise division communications plan to align with emerging technologies, services.
  3. Collaborate with appropriate personnel to provide a more consistent support experience.
    • Build on existing, formal testing teams, such as the Vista and Office 2007 rollout project, by forming interdivisional teams that test and provide recommendations on adopting new technologies.
    • Increase partnerships with other CSU support personnel, working toward adopting best practices.
    • Define and communicate a clear mission for the Second Tier group so that it provides optimal support for the division and university.
    • Determine the appropriate role of the Cal Poly Pomona Help Desk with other campus help desks.
      • Develop Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with key customers
      • Develop and publicize what services the Cal Poly Pomona Help Desk and other campus help desks provide and how users should utilize campus help desks.
    • Develop Operational Level Agreements (OLAs) with other I&IT departments.
  4. Optimize university resources to effectively advance learning in a challenging economic environment.
    • Continually investigate and improve enterprise-wide software licensing, lowering costs and streamlining user support.
    • Become leader in providing effective technology tools for faculty, students and staff.
      • Recommend and implement most effective tools for faculty in the distribution of laptops.
      • Provide best technical assistance to users in emerging technologies, such as mobile devices.
    • Improve inventory process so missing items are 1% of our items and less than 1% of the total value of our inventory are missing at the conclusion of each annual inventory audit.
  5. Advance initiatives and projects to support division’s mission.
  6. Develop and provide new services based on other I&IT departments’ strategies, including implementing Service Oriented Architecture.
  7. Ingrain learning centeredness into everyday activities.