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Users Can Enter Own Help Desk Tickets


BroncoNames, Passwords Gain Entry to Technical Support

In a final step of a three-year project, students, faculty and staff are now able to enter their own technical support requests to the Cal Poly Pomona Help Desk using their BroncoNames and BroncoPasswords.

Users may simply go to to access Web Help Desk (WHD) for help with such services as BroncoDirect, Blackboard, network connectivity and electronic mail. A customized version of WHD has been used at the Cal Poly Pomona Help Desk, run by Instructional & Information Technology (I&IT), for the last two years.

“We are now rolling this out to the campus,” said Denny Mosier, Director of I&IT Support. “This is a culmination of a project that lasted more than three years to select and customize a ticket entry and tracking system for the university's enterprise help desk.”

Implementation of WHD has also allowed tickets to be assigned and updated by other I&IT departments, including Systems, Learning and the Information Security Office.

“Using Web Help Desk to assign and update tickets has helped speed up ticket resolution for end-users,” Mosier said, “because we’re now able to more efficiently track where a ticket is and who’s currently assigned to it. Users are also able to track the status of their tickets.”

A pilot group that included representatives from Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and Administrative Affairs tested WHD for end-user ticket entry during summer of 2009.

Can Still Call or Email

Users will not be required to enter tickets to get technical support help on a variety of applications, including password changing, access to campus-licensed software and mobile device network connectivity.

A call center at the Help Desk in Building 1, Room100, reached at 909.869.6776 (or extension 6776 from on campus), provides access to the staff during regular business hours. Students, faculty and staff may also email the help desk at or come to 1-100 for technical help.

“We look forward to assisting users with their IT needs," noted Candie McDougall, Cal Poly Pomona Help Desk Lead. "No appointment is necessary. Please note that photo identification is required for some services.“

The Cal Poly Pomona Help Desk handles more than 20,000 calls, email and walk-in requests for technical assistance annually.

Project Involved multiple I&IT units

The customized version of WHD was developed by a team led by Mosier, Candie McDougall, Dave Drivdahl, Joe Matsumoto, Curtis Clark and Mauricio Calderon. Technical staff members involved in the project included I&IT employees from Support, Systems, Web Development and Applications.

“Since this is a large application that has more than 15,000 records so far, we needed the expertise of our staff involved in servers, security, web development, end-user support and database maintenance to make it happen,” Mosier said. 

Instructions on how to use WHD for technical support requests are at ehelp, I&IT’s 24/7 online technical support services. Step-by-step end-user instructions are at WHD .

This page was last updated on September 16, 2009.