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Welcome to I&IT Operations

I&IT Operations department provides the campus community with various system-based services.  The design, development, security, maintenance, and support for these services are provided by the I&IT Systems team.

I&IT Systems provides the following services:

Email - All Cal Poly Pomona email for faculty, staff, and students is provided by the I&IT Systems department.  Additional email services such as Outlook Web Access , Mailman mail distribution groups, Ironport anti-spam and SpamAssassin are also managed by I&IT Systems.
File Storage and Sharing - All faculty, staff, students, and departments have been given file storage space on Cal Poly Pomona's servers by I&IT Systems. Files on the campus zfs file shares are automatically backed up on a daily basis.
Data Network - I&IT Systems manages the campus LAN, wireless network, and internet connection. This includes the management and maintenance of networking equipment as well as connecting network infrastructure. I&IT Systems processes requests for new jack and port activation, monitoring network performance and stability, and ensuring the appropriate level of network security.
HTTP and FTP - I&IT Systems provides the campus community with HTTP and secure FTP services, incorporating various scripting languages for additional functionality. Secure HTTP services are also provided and recommended by the Systems staff.
Identity and Account Management - The I&IT Systems department has created an environment that automatically creates and manages various faculty, staff, and student accounts to enable authentication for many campus services using a single centralized ID.
Server Operating System Environment - The operating system environments that host various services and applications (such as PeopleSoft, Blackboard, Oracle, etc) are managed by the I&IT Systems staff. These operating systems including Solaris, Windows, and multiple Linux distributions.
Voice Services - I&IT Systems manages the campus PBX, voicemail and telecommunications infrastructure. This includes providing dial-tone and equipment, including phone handsets and headsets, and Cal Poly Pomona’s call accounting system. I&IT Systems coordinates the installation of new cabling and jacks as well as oversees the connection of new services to the campus from 3rd party telecommunications providers.

This page was last updated on July 26, 2012.