Cal Poly Pomona

I&IT Operations Strategic Plan 2007-2012

Strategic Mission

Be the preferred provider of enterprise information technology infrastructure for the campus.

Strategic Directions and Tactics

Develop and maintain a portfolio of campus-wide services to promote standardization and cost optimization of enterprise information technology

  • Evaluate the feasibility and value of offering additional new services to other campus divisions:
    • Server hosting through the use of virtual server technology
    • File and storage services leveraging centralized storage infrastructure
    • Monitoring & notification of critical services
  • Evaluate current enterprise services, assessing opportunities for improvement or expansion:
    • File Services
    • Email               
    • Web Services
    • Datacenter Co-location
    • Identity Management Services
    • Network Services
    • Hosting of Campus Applications (Blackboard, Hyperion, Odyssey, etc)

Develop a systems operating environment that is agile, flexible, reliable, and scalable in support of division and campus computing needs.

  • Establish a systems technology plan
    • Establish an enterprise storage strategy.
      • Facilitate more efficient use of storage resources through centralization.
      • Deliver more flexible use of storage through the use of SAN, iSCSI and other emerging storage networking technologies.
      • Streamline the creation and refresh of development environments and offer alternative data backup options that facilitate near 7x24 uptime through the use of data replication.
      • Facilitate disaster recovery utilizing remote data replication.
      • Offer file services via NAS (Network Attached Storage).
      • Facilitate simplified data retention and management through the use of ILM (Information Lifecycle Management) technologies that can automate data archival and retrieval.
    • Establish a strategy for server virtualization.
      • Improve server deployment time.
      • Support additional development environments where required.
      • Support virtual server failover for improved reliability.
      • Determine if I&IT offers virtual servers to other divisions.
    • Establish a plan for communications technologies and architecture
      • Assess and determine future plans for IP telephony in our environment.
      • Assess the value and feasibility of integrated messaging.
      • Assess expanded wireless coverage for the campus.
    • Implement Strategy for Systems Monitoring & Notification.
      • Determine appropriate tools for monitoring.
      • Determine appropriate alarms and thresholds (what to monitor & how).
      • Implement single alert management tool to route notification.
      • Implement alert response & escalation.
      • Have single console for managing alert contacts.
  • Reduce Single Points of Failure.
    • Address staffing and cross-training needs.
    • Evaluate system redundancy & fault tolerance.
    • Assess the physical location dependency.

Build an organization of innovative, competent, results and customer-oriented team players aligned with department strategic mission.

  • Ensure that department mission is aligned with division and campus missions
    • Review and update department mission as required to maintain alignment
    • Communicate department strategic mission to all staff members
  • Develop an organizational structure to support department and division missions.
    • Assess and determine department role.
    • Develop specs for Associate Director position(s).
    • Recommend a succession plan.
    • Address staffing needs.
  • Hire, develop, and retain high performance team members.
    • Develop staff professional development plans in collaboration with employees, integrating work assignments as a part of their plan where applicable.
    • Assess employee performance against objectives on a regularly scheduled basis.