How to Complete the CSU Mentor Application

Undergraduate and graduate applications for Cal Poly Pomona (in addition to all other universities in the CSU system) can be found at These applications can be printed out and sent by mail, or they can be filled out on-line and sent electronically. The Admissions Office at Cal Poly Pomona strongly encourages all students to send in the completed application electronically.

When applying, please fill out either the Undergraduate Admissions Application or the Graduate Admissions Application. In addition to these forms, Cal Poly Pomona also requires that students complete the Supplementary Visa Packet, which can be found in the “csumentor” drop-down menu under the heading “Cal Poly Pomona.” (This menu can be found on the “csumentor” website by going first to “Apply on Line,” then to “International Applications”.) Remember that this information is to be sent as a supplement to the official application form.

All other pertinent documents, such as transcripts and test results, must be sent to the Admissions Office by mail. The $55 application fee can also be sent by mail, or it can be handled electronically using a credit card. For information regarding application and document deadlines, please see

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