Health Services and Insurance

Health Services

The mission of the Cal Poly Pomona's Student Health Services (Health Center) and The Wellness Center "is to provide Prevention, Education and Healing services to enhance student learning."

Building 46


Directions to Student Health Services

They are both located in Building 46, a short walk up University Drive from the center of campus, across from Bldg. 7, and next to parking lot J (use the West entrance for the Wellness Center).

By shuttle: You may take the Cal Poly Pomona shuttle that stops on University Drive near their main entrance, in front of Bldg 7.

By car: Thirty minute patient parking is available in the patient lot next to the building, or in Lot J nearby. Be sure to sign the log sheet in their main lobby if you park in the patient lot so that you won't get a ticket.

Health Insurance

International students applying to Cal Poly Pomona sign an agreement to purchase the mandatory health insurance available through the university. This policy meets the requirements of the California State University System. The payments are for annual, year-round coverage. Students are billed for the insurance their first quarter of enrollment and every Fall quarter thereafter. When students graduate or leave the university (or if their status changes) they can apply for a refund for the remaining quarters. Coverage must be continuous, therefore, students must maintain their insurance for the entire time they are attending Cal Poly Pomona, even if they leave the Unites States for a quarter or for the summer.

Medical Care

If possible, students should visit the Cal Poly Pomona Health Services Center first for treatment of any injury or sickness. To determine whether an off-campus physician or hospital (provider) is a member of the health insurance preferred provider organization (PPO) students can visit the website at: and call (800) 537-1777 with any questions. Students can use an off-campus provider that is not on the PPO list but the coverage will be lower. Please refer to the International Student Health PPO Plus brochure (available at the International Center) for more information.

Medical Emergency

If you are experiencing a medical emergency you should call 9-1-1.


Prescriptions are paid for at time of purchase. A health insurance claim must be submitted for reimbursement. Prescriptions bought at Student Health Services will be reimbursed at 100% while those bought elsewhere will be reimbursed at 50%.