There are two bus companies that serve Cal Poly Pomona: MTA and Foothill Transit. They share a Transit Center located on the Cal Poly Pomona campus between parking lots F5-F6-F7 and F8-F9-F10 on Oak Lane. For full schedules of these buses, please access the following web sites: and These will show you the connecting routes which will allow you to get to other places.



These buses also link to the Metrolink, a commuter light rail system which runs mornings and evenings on weekdays into and from downtown. There is a limited service on Metrolink after 6 p.m. or on weekends, so please check the schedule before boarding. Metrolink schedules can be found at:



Cars are expensive to operate and maintain. In addition to the purchase price, the owner-operator is responsible for operating expenses (gas, oil, repairs), annual state and property taxes, and automobile insurance. For information on purchasing a specific car, please check the following web sites: and If you buy a car, it must be insured before it is driven. Adequate insurance is expensive and essential! Look in the Telephone Directory yellow pages for car insurance companies.