How to Look for Job Openings On-Campus

Career Center

The Career Center is located in building 97, room 100. All campus jobs are listed on Bronco Connection at

Using Bronco Connection

Bronco Connection is the job and internship listing service provided by the Career Center. Thousands of part-time, co-op, internship, summer, and full-time positions are posted each year specifically for Cal Poly Pomona students and registered alumni.

This service gives students the opportunity to:

  • Search for on-campus and off campus jobs and internships
  • Upload up to 10 one-page versions of their resume to be submitted when applying for positions. Students and alumni control their resumes. Employers do not have free access to your resume or information - resumes are only viewed by employers that you select.
  • Receive E-mail Updates and reminders about career related events, such as employer recruiting visits and workshops.

To Register for Bronco Connection

  1. Go to Career Center website
  2. Click the "BroncoConnection” link
  3. Click on the “Student Sign In ” link
  4. Log-in using your Cal Poly Pomona email address as your username and Bronco ID number as your password.
  5. Prepare a resume, have it critiqued by a Career Counselor and upload it. You do not have to do this right away, but it is required for the On Campus Interview Program – InterviewTrak.

NOTE: Your profile is accessible to you and the Career Center Recruiting Staff only. Employers do not have access to the information on your user profile. If you cannot register for Bronco Connection online, please visit the Career Center and they will be able to help you register.



The Foundation Human Resources Office also keeps on-campus jobs posted in their office, located in building 55. They are the same jobs already listed at the Career Center.

Other Resources

The On-Campus Application/Hiring Process

When you apply for a job on-campus it will either be an ASI (Associated Students Incorporated), State or Foundation position. These are the three employers on the Cal Poly Pomona campus. There are different procedures required for each employer.

ASI Position

If you apply and/or are hired for an ASI position you will fill out an application and employment papers at the ASI office in building 35, room 201 (in the ASI Human Resources Department).

State Position

If you are hired for a State position, you will need to pick up a yellow hire card at the Career Center. When you are hired, the hire card must be filled out by you and the person who is hiring you. Both of you must sign the card. Return the hire card to the Career Center where the card will be initialed. You will complete a short survey form and be given instructions to go to State Payroll Services with the appropriate documents to complete the hiring process.

Foundation Position

If you are hired for a Foundation position you will fill out the employment papers in the department that hires you.

Filling Out Employment Papers

When you fill out employment papers you may need to provide some or all of the following items:

  1. Your passport with I-94 (white card usually stapled in a passport).
  2. Your Cal Poly Pomona I-20 form or DS 2019.
  3. Social Security card (you must have this card before you can be hired).
  4. “International Student Eligibility for On-campus Employment” form available at the International Center.
  5. California driver’s license or ID card.

Note: Social Security Cards issued to F-1 visa holders normally have a notation stating “Valid for employment only with DHS authorization.” You will be allowed to work on campus as long as you are enrolled as a full-time student and are in valid visa status.