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Annual Reports Data

Common Performance Measures for Annual Reports

  • Number of Majors (Falls 2005-2014) (pdf) (xls)
  • Six-Year Graduation Rates: First-Time Freshmen (Falls 1999-2008) (pdf(xls)
  • Four-Year Graduation Rates: New Upper Division Transfers (Falls 2007-2010) (pdf) (xls)
  • One-Year Persistence Rates (Falls 2004-2013) (pdf) (xls)
  • Number of First-Time Freshman Admits (Falls 2005-2014) (pdf) (xls)
  • Number of Degrees Conferred by Major (College Years 2004-05 through 2013-14) (pdf) (xls)
  • FTES-Taught in Post-baccalaureate Courses (Falls 2008-2014) (pdf) (xls)
  • FTE-Faculty with Status Detail: Tenured/ Tenure-Track and Temporary Faculty (Falls 2008-2014) (pdf) (xls)
  • FTES-Taught with Percentages of Tenured/Tenure-Track and Temporary Faculty (Falls 2008-2014) (pdf) (xls)
  • Student to Faculty Ratio (Falls 2005-2014) (pdf) (xls)
  • Major to Faculty Ratio (Falls 2008-2014) (pdf) (xls

Selected Performance Measures: Long-Term Trends

  • Majors by Department - Historical Trends (Fall 1999-Fall 2014) (pdf(xls)
  • FTES-Taught by Department Historical Trends (Fall 2004-Fall 2014) (pdf) (xls)

Course Section Counts by Instruction Mode, Service Learning and Honors Designations