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Campus Object Migration Request(COMR) Information

Campus Object Migration Requests (COMR) are used when moving Peoplesoft objects (Record Definition, Page Definition, Component, Definition, etc.) into a Peoplesoft production instance. COMRs are migrated to a production instance during a regular PeopleSoft maintenance wnindow. For Pomona that window is between 9:30pm - 12:00am on Thursday nights.


The current deadlines (updated August 10, 2009) are as follows:

Submissions must be received by 5PM Tuesday in order to be considered for the maintenance window on the Thursday nine days later.


COMR Submission Process Flow these instructions as Word doc

Email Submission

To initiate a request for a COMR review, the requestor should supply the information listed below in an email. The e-mail will be sent to PS_COMR and either the or mailing list as appropriate.

  1. E-mail Subject – The subject line for the e-mail should be “Request for COMR Review for HCM”. HCM will be replaced by FIN for Finance operations.
  2. Description – A brief description of the modification. This can be copied and pasted from the modification request document.
  3. Requested Date for Production – Unless otherwise specified the Production date of all COMRs is assumed to be the next regularly scheduled maintenance window.
  4. Attachment/Pointers – The following items should either be attached to the email or pointers indicating their network directories should be listed so that the documents can be reviewed. The Requestor should also place any file objects (SQRs, SQCs, Crystal Reports, etc) in the campus report repository on the file share (T:\pstech\Developers\Campus_Production).

COMR Review and Approval

The CMS technical Director will review all COMR submission prior to approving them to be migrated into a production environment. At his discretion, the CMS Technical Director, or his designee, may hold a review session with the developer, functional requestor, and/or department. During the review, the following will occur:

  • The CMS required COMR and Impact Analysis forms will be reviewed (if they have been completed) or will be completed with the developer and CMS Technical Director.
  • Pomona development standards have been adhered to.
  • File objects will be verified and placed in the Cal Poly Pomona report repository (T:\pstech\Developers\Campus_Production) if the developer has not done so already. File object are placed there for version control and local repository purposes.

Upon completion of the review process, the CMS Technical Director/Director of Applications, will provide approval of the request to PS_COMR for the request to be packaged for application to production.

Emergency Procedure Adjustment

In the event that the requested COMR is an emergency (it must be applied before the next regularly scheduled maintenance window, or it is submitted after the deadline for the next window), the email request needs to indicate the urgency of the modification. An explanation/business justification of the urgency should be included in the ‘Requested date for Production’ portion of the email. This business justification will also be used to explain the urgency to CMS in order to apply the objects during a non scheduled maintenance downtime. If the request includes downtime outside of the regular maintenance window, the CMS Technical Director/Director of Applications, will seek Administrative Computing Committee approval for the downtime.

E-mail Subject for Emergencies – The subject line for the e-mail is titled “URGENT COMR Review request for HCM”. HCM will be replaced by FIN for Finance operations.

The CMS Technical Director/Applications Director are cc’d on the emergency email request.