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File Object Move (FOM) Information

File Object Moves are used when moving a file object (SQR, SQC, etc.) to the fileshare in the data center where a Peoplesoft instance can access it. In non-production instances, developers have the ability to perform these moves themselves. Once testing and validation is complete, the developer submits' a FOM request in order to have the file moved into the production environment.


The current deadlines (updated September 9, 2013) are as follows:

FOMs are performed daily as needed. They are moved into Production within two hours of all approvals.


FOM Submission Process Flow these instructions as Word doc

After an SQR is validated and ready to move into PRD, the developer should change the name of the SQR in the Campus Repository directory (T:\pstech\Developers\CampusProduction\CS_9.0\cmp_sqr) by adding the version number to the filename in the form of .###. For instance, if the file being submitted is the first revision to the file, the current file in the Campus Repository should be renamed from example.sqr to example.001.sqr. Then the new file should be moved into both the Campus Repository and the FOM directory (T:\pstech\Developers\2FOM).

Email Submission

An email should be sent to,, and the functional and technical approver for the SQR. The email subject must include the following:

  • “SQR FOM Request” – text describing the request.
  • DEVELOPER – the responsible developer’s Bronco Name (part of their email before
  • YYYY/MM/DD – The date the submission is made.
  • #N – The submission number for the day. Will only be greater than 1 if the developer has multiple submissions on the same day.

The email body must include the following:

  • FUNC_MANAGER – The functional manager for the area the SQR was developed/modified for.
  • TECH – The technical person whose responsible for approving the SQR.
  • DATE/TIME NEEDED By – The date and time that the move needs to be completed by.
  • DESCRIPTION – Description of the process or change to the process.
  • VALIDATION – statement that testing was completed. This statement should include the instance where the testing occurred and the names of the people who performed the testing.
  • PATH – The path to the location where the file to be moved resides.

Sample Email Submission

The following email example is not a standard, but the email must include all of the same information presented in a clear manner:

Subject: SQR FOM Request - DEVELOPER FOR 2008/07/07 #1
NAME, please provide functional approval.
NAME, please provide technical approval.

This request needs to be completed by 7/7/2008 at 5:30pm so that it is in place when the next scheduled execution of the process occurs.

This update adds criteria to the STRM admin function specific query that pulls info about the recipient. It does not affect any other Admin Function. The change links the Plan to the Plan table to pull only those that are PLAN_TYPE = 'MAJ'

This has been tested by NAME in INSTANCE.

Maintenance History Documentation Example

!  Maintenance History
!  -------------------
!  Date     Mod.#   Initials   Description
!  -------- -----   --------   -----------------------------------------------------
!  20080110-01      TJR        Cloned POMCC501.SQR from HCM for Finance.
!  20080512-01      TJR        Added Select-Parameters procedure to populate
!                              $ADMIN_FUNC
!                              before individual record processing begins.
!  20080303-02      TJR        Added replace line to allow $oprid to be in the
!                              notification text.
!  Notes
!  -----
!  Date     Note#   Initials   Description
!  -------- -----   --------   -----------------------------------------------------

Code Change Documentation Example

do Select-Parameters                                                    !20080512-01