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Working Groups

The purpose of the IT Governance Executive Committee is to provide recommendations, direction, and oversight for IT Governance working groups. The relevant permanent working groups are as follows:

Working Groups:

The first meeting of each fiscal year will be used primarily for reviewing, modifying, and approving the yearly agendas for the working groups. Subsequent meetings shall be used to receive updates from the working groups as well as resolve issues, changes and clarifications.

All divisions are represented in the Executive Committee as well as members of the ASI, Faculty, and University Foundation.

Working Groups

  • Accessible Technology Initiative
    • Carol Gonzales, Information Technology Co-Chair
    • Tracee Passeggi, Student Affairs Co-Chair
  • Administrative Technology
    • Glendy Yeh, Information Technology Co-Chair
    • Meredith Kelley, Academic Affairs Co-Chair
  • Communication Technology
    • Tim Raymond, Information Technology Co-Chair
    • Tim Lynch, University Advancement Co-Chair
  • Data and Analytics
    • Heather Brown, Information Technology Co-Chair
    • Larisa Preiser-Houy, Academic Affairs Co-Chair
  • Information Security
    • Al Arboleda, Information Technology Co-Chair
    • Sharon Reiter, Administrative Affairs Co-Chair
  • Infrastructure Technology
    • Peter Deutsch, Information Technology Co-Chair
    • Emma Gibson, Academic Affairs Co-Chair
  • Instructional Technology
    • Lucas Lanting, Information Technology Co-Chair
    • Sepehr Eskandari, Academic Affairs Co-Chair


Updated: March 14, 2018