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Infrastructure Technology

The Infrastructure Technology Working Group formerly named Emerging Technology Working Group in 2014-2015, focuses on assessing emerging technologies that are campus wide and their potential benefit in the Cal Poly Pomona environment.  These campus wide technologies include networking and wireless, email, campus storage, and other core related services. This working group assesses targeted campus wide technologies and provides recommendations for the deployment of these technologies, or may provide recommendations for further feasibility assessment.

This working group will provide recommendations to the VP/CIO for Information Technology on campus wide technologies and their use.

This working group will also make recommendations to the VP/CIO for Information Technology for technology spending associated with Wireless and Networking in the Student Success Fee.

All Divisions are represented as well as ASI and Faculty.

Committee Members

  • Co-Chairs
    • Peter Deutsch, Information Technology
    • Emma Gibson, Academic Affairs
  • Administrative Affairs
    • Walter Marquez
  • ASI
    • Quinn T. Cooper (ASI Student-at-Large)
    • Open (Student)
    • Open (Student)
    • Open (Student)
  • Faculty
    • Ron Pike
    • Shahnaz Lotfipour
  • Student Affairs
    • Christi Chisler
  • University Advancement
    • Clay Fowler


Updated: January 10, 2018