This section is under construction at the moment. I have limited space on my current server, so I will be have to be sparse here. I'll just mention a couple interesting facts:

  1. My beautiful wife's name is Kathleen.
  2. I have two amazing children named Sarah and Ronan.
  3. I have a variety of hobbies. So far in life, I've tried to never stop learning. Since my academic (and thus career) focus has been on mathematics and physics, I've had to pursue many other interesting things in my free time. I love to play baseball/softball. I enjoy woodworking, climbing, hiking, and traveling. I am a private pilot. I was a member of the CSU Hayward Tae Kwon Do Team while in college. I am (ever so painfully slowly) learning how to the play the guitar. I really enjoy listening to classical music and vocal performances by acapella groups. I like to do art, particularly with computer graphics and animation. I created the knot and braidwork on this website with POV-Ray.