CHM 122

Dr. Casalnuovo


NOTE: Most of the course materials are available for download as Portable Document Format (PDF) files.  If you do not already have the Adobe Reader program needed for opening/printing the PDF file, you can download it for free at


Download CHM 122-05 Syllabus

Download CHM 122-06 Syllabus

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Sample Quizzes

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Class Handouts


1. Purchase an access code for MasteringChemistry, available at the Bronco Bookstore or

2. Register for the MasteringChemistry course at For the Course ID, use S15CasalnuovoCHM122Section05 or S15CasalnuovoCHM122Section06. Detailed instructions are available in this PDF.

3. Do the homework assignements by the indicated due dates. Late homework will not receive any credit.



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