Form and Function in Plants


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Ray F. Evert and Susan E. Eichhorn. 2012. Raven Biology of Plants. 8th Edition. (You may use previous editions, but you are responsible for any changes that were made in the eighth edition.)


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My Plant Project

Photosynthesis matrix for iêclicker questions

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  • Tree Walk may be helpful for My Plant Project

Catalog Description

BOT 201/201L Form and Function in Plants (3/1) Fall, Spring
The interplay of the physiology of seed plants with their anatomy and morphology. The anatomical and physiological bases of development, growth regulation, water relations, reproduction, food production and transport. 3 lectures/problem-solving, 1 three-hour laboratory. Prerequisites: BOT 124/124L, BIO 115/115A/115L, or the series of BIO 121/121L, BIO 122/122L and BIO 123/123L.