BIO 190—Scientific Communication I

Assignment 1: Introductory assignment


This assignment has two parts:

  • Pick a single topic to use for assignments 5, 6, and 7. You should pick a topic in biology that is interesting to you. Avoid topics that are too broad (like “cancer”) because you will be swamped with references and it will be difficult to do a good job. Avoid duplicating someone else’s topic, because I will accept only around 25% duplicate references with any other student in the class, including previous quarters. Avoid a subject peripheral to biology (e.g., physical chemistry, anthropology, aromatherapy), because you will not find references using the tools I expect you to use. Remember also that the topic you pick will influence the library tools you use: you wouldn’t use PubMed for sustainable agriculture, or Agricola for diabetes. I reserve the right to require you to change or modify your topic for educational reasons (although I almost never do this). You can change your topic later in the quarter if you consult with me first.

    Send me email with the subject BIO 190 topic (please type the subject exactly like that; I use an automatic email filter to sort things for this class, and if it misses your message, I might be delayed in seeing it). In the body of the message, tell me your topic and maybe a few words about why your are interested in it.

  • Determine how you will submit assignments. Read this information. If your email supports attachments, and you know how to use them, you are set. Send me an email message with the subject BIO 190 attachments OK and with an attached MS Word file containing your name, and I’ll expect to get attached Word files from you for the rest of the quarter. If you think you can do attachments but you’re not sure, try sending one and I’ll work with you until you can do it. If attachments are not possible, send a message with the subject BIO 190 submissions telling which other method you will use. If you need guidance, please email me.

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Summer Quarter, 2001
© 2001 by Curtis Clark