BIO 190—Scientific Communication I

Assignment 4: Writing an outline


Using the information about outlining contained in the reference above, and any other information about outlining you may have, write an outline for the same article for which you wrote an abstract in Assignment 3:

Tables and figures are part of the results; they don’t have to be explicitly described. You may omit the acknowledgments and references cited. The outline must be a classical outline, and it must be a topic outline (not a sentence outline, which will receive an automatic 20% penalty). It should have a minimum of two levels. Each level must be indented at least two spaces more than the previous level (although it doesn’t have to be as indented as the web page). The purpose of indentation is to make the hierarchy of levels easier to see, and as long as your indentation does that, it is acceptable.

The email submission must have the title BIO 190 outline.


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Summer Quarter, 2001
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