BIO 190—Scientific Communication I

Assignment 6: Finding journal articles


Using the library reference tools you have learned about from the links above, go to a library and find at least eight journal articles that relate to the topic you chose in Assignment 1. At least one of the articles must be a research article, that reports the results of research (these usually have a “Materials and Methods” section, or explain the experimental methods in another manner). At least one of the articles must be a review article, that discusses other articles and books, but reports no original research (book reviews are often useful references, but they are not review articles, and do not count for this assignment). None of the articles may be from newspapers or popular magazines. For each article, provide the following:

  1. The information for a bibliographic citation (author, year of publication, title, source) in the same numbered format as Assignment 2.
  2. Whether it is a research article or a review article.
  3. How you found it (e.g., “Wilson Periodical Index, using the keyword ‘filovirus’.”).
  4. A brief description (a sentence or paragraph) of the contents of the article.

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Summer Quarter, 2001
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