BIO 256 - Computer Applications in Biology

Syllabus and schedule

  • Office hours
  • Guidelines for Students
  • Textbook: These web pages, and other resources linked to them. If you don't always have access to a computer, you may want to print them out.

Objectives: Students will learn the use of Internet tools for retrieving information and communicating with other scientists. Students will learn the use of spreadsheets for simple data analysis.

Grading: Students will complete nine (9) short assignments during the quarter. Each assignment will be worth 11 points. Assignments are due at 1:00 pm on the day indicated on the course schedule. Assignments received after 1:00 pm on the due day and before 1:00 pm the following day will be penalized three (3) points. Assignments received more than 24 hr after the due date/time will receive zero (0). In the case of emailed assignments, the time-and-date stamp supplied by the mail server will establish when the assignment was turned in. Several seconds can elapse between when you send the message and when the server stamps it; so be sure to work well ahead of the deadline.

An assignment is not considered submitted until all necessary materials have been given to the instructor and any necessary computer files are present and accessible by the instructor. A partially completed assignment will be considered as not submitted, and given a score of zero (0). Assignments sent with an incorrect Subject: (in the email header) will be penalized two (2) points (all subjects will be lower case only, and none have spaces). There will be no final exam.

All assignments may be found on these web pages.

Assignments will not automatically be acknowledged. To determine if your assignment has been saved and sent properly, send a copy of your assignment to yourself at the same time you send it to your instructor (put your email address in the Cc: part of the heading - this sends you a "carbon copy"). If you receive your assignment properly, then it is likely that your instructor also received it.

Hint: You will be submitting all of you assignments by email. Before emailing your assignment to your instructor, email it to yourself. Check to see that the assignment came through correctly - if it didn't, then fix it before sending it to your instructor.

Grading Scale: 90-99 points = A; 80-89 points = B; 70-79 points = C; 60-69 points = D; 0-59 points = F

Prequisites: BIO 115 or BIO 110, and CS 101 or CIS 111; or consent of instructor.

Academic Integrity: Cheating and plagiarism are violations of university policy and are considered serious offenses. The Biological Sciences Department takes all incidences of academic dishonesty seriously and acts accordingly. Students must do their own work on assignments.

Week Topic
1 Introduction and Electronic mail
2 Internet Mailing Lists
3 Using FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
4 Finding Information on the World Wide Web
5 Genomics on the World Wide Web
6 Internet News (USENET)
7 Spreadsheet data handling
8 Spreadsheet calculations
9 Spreadsheet graphics
10 Open Lab

Assignment Due Notes
 1  January 10  
 2  January 17 Signoff due March 20
 3  January 31  
 4  February 7  
 5  February 14  
 6  February 21  
 7  February 28  
 8  March 7  
 9  March 14