BIO 680

Preparing a Paper for a Scientific Meeting


Office hours and Guidelines for Students.

Objectives: The student will write an abstract for, and present, a 15 minute paper in the manner of a scientific meeting.

Grading: The grade will be based on four activities:

  1. Narrative: Each student will explain to the class the topic of her talk, and answer questions about it. The purpose of this is to focus the subject matter and anticipate any areas of misunderstanding. The narrative must be complete by the end of the class meeting of the second week of the quarter.
  2. Outline: The outline expands upon the narrative. It should be slide-centered, and so is best prepared in PowerPoint. This is a working outline; you should expect to change it several times before the final paper. The outline is due by the class meeting of the third week of the quarter.
  3. Abstract: An abstract of the talk must be prepared according to a specified format. It will be critiqued in class for informativeness, clarity, and neatness, and the grade will be based on the final draft. The first draft of the abstract is due by the class meeting of the fourth week of the quarter. Since in-class critique of the abstract is an important part of the course, one letter grade will be deducted from the course total for each class meeting after the deadline the abstract is turned in late. The final abstract will be submitted by a web form, at a date to be announced.
  4. Practice paper: These will be arranged throughout the latter part of the quarter prior to the paper session. Practice papers will be self-evaluated. Presentation of a practice paper is required, and attendance at other practice papers is expected.
  5. Presented paper: A formal paper session will be held at the end of the quarter. Presentations will be limited to 15 minutes, including questions. The grade will be based on (1) conciseness, (2) clarity, (3) informativeness, (4) interest, and (5) professional demeanor.

Prerequisites: Classified Graduate Student status; no exceptions.

This is the official syllabus of BIO 680 as taught by Curtis Clark. It is subject to change without notice to anyone but students currently enrolled in the class.

Spring Quarter, 2003
© 2003 by Curtis Clark