The gripping new series about the
Statistics Cops
and the men and women who love them

The Statistics Cops, forces of law and inferred order, patrol the central limits of Anova City, past the seedy hotels and ex-bars, past the porno shops off Chi Square, always on the lookout for deviations. Officers Hank Pearson, Marilyn Tukey, Sven Bonferroni, and Patty Fisher are the finest cops on the force. They have to be. Amid the regressions of the central limits, the smallest error can mean the difference between acceptance and rejection. But, for these four, the job fits them to a "t". Join us every week as the Statistics Cops dodge random bullets, step over outliers in the gutter, and test their parameters against the robust forces of evil. Chances are, you'll like it.

     "...not your average cop show..."      Lost Angels Times

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