Web Guru

I was formerly Director of I&IT Web Development, and Web Coordinator for Cal Poly Pomona. I was dismissed ("not retained") on October 14, 2011, and have returned to teaching.

Web applications developed under my leadership

Old tutorials

I've been working with the Web and other "things internet" for a while. Here are some tutorials and presentations I wrote over the ages. More recent work is in eHelp, generally without byline. (The pages linked below are no longer maintained; if the links still work, I'll be surprised.)

I used to program

Real programmers (and real web designers) know that HTML and CSS are markup, not code. But back when I was a biologist, I used to program a lot. My favorite language was Pascal, but I've also programmed in Fortran, Basic, and Javascript, and played around with Z-80 asembly language, Prolog, C, PHP, and Perl. Here are a few examples of some of my major projects.