The Cal Poly Pomona
Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies

Volume 8
Fall 1995

Table of Contents

University Community

"Ralph Bunche: The Genius and Character of a Pragmatic Humanist" - N. Gregory Young - 1

"Alcohol and Other Drugs at Cal Poly Pomona" - Debra L. Jackley - 113

College of Agriculture

"Relationship of Diet and Anthropometric Measurements to Breast Cancer in a Select Group of Egyptian Women" - Anahid Crecelius - 13

"A Comparative Analysis of the U.S. Economy: Keynesian vs. Supply-Side Policies" - A. Reza Hoshmand - 31

"Maximum Sprinkler Irrigation Runtime Without Runoff" - Joseph Y.T. Hung, Arturo Mendoza - 131

Food and Agricultural System International Trade and the Environment: An Initial Overview" - James M. Weidman - 135

College of Arts

" 'Love' and the Eastern Spirit: A Philosophic Perspective" - Zijiang Ding - 183

"The Wordless Doctoral Dissertation: Photography as Scholarship" - Wayne Rowe - 21

College of Business

"An Examination of the Relationship Between Accounting Firm Size and Employment Expectations" - Nasrollah Ahadiat - 5

"Rewarding Performance: The Role of Variable Pay" - Joseph R. Bellavary, Robert W. Allen - 85

"Ethical Standards for Tax Practitioners" - Glenda Brock - 105

"The Advancement of Women in the Labor Force: Gender and Attitude Towards Job Motivation Among American CPAs" - Glenn Freed, John Karayan - 191

"The Future of U.S. Foreign Direct Investment: The Attractiveness of East Asia" - Richard Hulme, Betty M. Chavis - 123

"Comparative Analysis of Korean Banks Performance" - Hong Pak, Sung-Kyoo Huh - 143

"Zig-Zag Policy in National Health Care Benefits" - Thomas Patten - 159

"Software Development Infrastructure: Shoemaker's Syndrome" - Lara Preiser-Houy - 167

"When a Dispute is Really a Claim in Disguise" - John B. Wyatt, III - 175

School of Education and Integrative Studies

"Institutional Response of U.S. Colleges and Universities to the Linguistic and Cultural Needs of Foreign Students" - Rosalie Giacchino-Baker, Frederick J. Baker - 39

College of Engineering

"Thermal Characterization of Fluorescent Fixtures" - Edward V. Clancy - 49

College of Environmental Design

"Engineering a New Financial Circuitry: Telmex and Mexican Capital Markets" - Gwen Urey - 53

College of Hotel and Restaurant Management

"Hiring Preferences for Hospitality Educators" - Lea D. Wikoff - 61

College of Science

"A Celebration of Women in Chemistry" - Barbara A. Burke - 69

"A Theorem for the Determination of Vertical and Horizontal Tangents to the Hyperpolar Image of a Circle" - Frank Glaser - 93

University Library

"Lost in Space: Adventures for Cybrarians on the Electonic Frontier" - Danette Cook Adamson - 75

"Reason, and History in Anna Karenina and War and Peace" - Daniel Hanne - 151


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