Once again, Cal Poly Pomona is proud to present our latest Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies.

The university's knowledge is the result of human capital built up over years of specialized study and experience. That knowledge is of greatest use when employed to help society craft solutions to current challenges.

Our lessons are taught best when the knowledge we impart is used, especially when applied to the real world of ambiguity in which we live... when applied not just to textbook problems which are tied up in tidy, complete packages, but to problems arising out of the "messy," uncertain, incomplete world in which we live.

As the articles in this Journal demonstrate, Cal Poly Pomona is engaged in the community, using our specialized knowledge and training - and the insight which comes from teaching at the university level - to help identify solutions to pressing social problems.

The value we add to society extends beyond the classroom. It is carried forth in our contribution to our students' learning by doing, and in our direct contributions to solving society's problems.

It is the foremost goal of The Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies to disseminate such knowledge, thereby showcasing Cal Poly Pomona's unique stock of human capital and talent, and illustrating the university's engagement in the community.

The Journal thus serves as a mirror, through which the public can gauge the value of investment in the university.

As you will see from the pages following, our involvement runs both broadly and deeply.

Bob H. Suzuki

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