The Cal Poly Pomona
Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies

Volume 9
Fall 1996

Table of Contents

College of Agriculture

"Detection of Egg Removal from the Ovigerous Lobster Following Chlorine Bleach Exposure" - Edward A. Cogger, Robert C. Bayer - 65

"Macroeconomic Policy Reforms in Kenya: Are There Lesson for Other African Nations?" - A. Reza Hoshmand - 141

"The US Food and Agricultural System and the GATT/WTO Uruguay Round Agreement on Agriculture" - James M. Weidman - 95

College of Business Administration

"An Application Framework for Text-Based Intelligent Systems in Organizational Text Processing" - Chi Hwang, Sumali Conlon - 133

"Women English Teachers Who Are Making A Difference in Yantai, China" - Carol Larson Jones - 71

"The Effect of Social Control Models on Motivation and Use In Electronic Communication Infrastructures" - Dan Manson - 103

"The Observed vs. Implied Dollar Movements: A 1973-1990 Case Study" - Paul Sarmas - 123

"The Effects of Different Types of Factor Analysis on Error Reduction" - Louise L. Soe - 23

School of Education and Integrative Studies

"Reform or Newform? The Future of Public Education Through the Eyes of an International Polytechnic High School" - Frederick J. Baker, Jere S. Mendelsohn - 35

College of Engineering

"Thoughts About Our Energy Future: An Essay on the Potential for Applying Solar Energy" - William B. Stine - 43

"A Computer Analysis of the Vincent Thomas Suspension Bridge" - Raymond W. Wolfe, Hany J. Farran - 81

"Use of Team Building in a Capstone Engineering Exercise" - Cheryl Wyrick, Chris Caenepeel -113

College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences

"The Short Story in English: Lost in Translation" - Samuel I. Bellman - 49

College of Science

"On the Distribution of the Eigenvalues of a Non-negative Symmetric Toeplitz Matrix" - Durmus Bozkurt, Hasan Çelik - 87

"An Upper Bound for the Spectral Norms of a Non-negative Symmetric Toeplitz Matrices" - Hasan Çelik, Durmus Bozkurt - 91

"The Sierpinski Gasket and a Chaos Game in the Hyperpolar Plane" - Frank Glaser - 11

University Community

"The Performance Step Salary Increase Process 1995-96: A Retrospective" - Gilbert J. McKee - 1

"Management Strategies for a Multicultural Learning Organization" - Paul Hyland, Terry Sloan, Anne Ryan, Hong Pak - 151

"Use of Decision Models in a Diverse Learning Environment" - Richard D. Hulme - 57

"Mhlume Sugar Company Limited: A Case Study in Costing and Pricing" - Robert L. Hurt - 119

"A Note on Methodological Parallels Between Accounting and Economics" - Brian Dollery, Cecil Jackson, John Karayan - 157


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