Faculty, administrators, and other members of the University's community are invited to submit papers based on scholarly research and other innovative activities to The Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies. In order to be considered, three copies of a paper -- one without the author's name or affiliation -- must be received by January 9, 1998. Submissions should be addressed to:

John E. Karayan,
Department of Accounting,
College of Business Administration
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona 91768

and should include voicemail and Fax numbers along with E-Mail and U.S. mail addresses at which the (principal) author can be reached.


Overall, papers should be formatted to match as closely as possible the presentation in this volume. Papers must be word processed using 12 point type, and be double-spaced with one inch margins on all sides. Pages should be numbered; the maximum length is 8 printed pages (which typically translates to 16 double-spaced word processed pages of text). All special printing, such as italics, must be indicated on the copy.

The first page of the paper must contain the paper's title along with the author(s) name(s) (without titles or degrees) and University "department", in the same manner as is seen on opening pages of the articles in this Volume. Similarly, each paper must open with an abstract of no more than 200 words in lay language using no technical symbols or formulas. All documentation is to follow the style set forth in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Fourth Edition, which is illustrated by the References section of the last article in this Volume. Latin abbreviations, such as i.e., e.g., and et al., along with Latin phrases, such as ex ante, must be italicized. A comma must be inserted before the conjunction on lists (e.g., this, that, and the other).

Equations, diagrams, charts, graphs, or other graphics must be laser quality printed and, preferably, word processed. Printing on non-word processed graphics must be in the same font as that of the text of the journal, Helvetica. Black and white photographs may be incorporated into the text.


Papers are submitted in two stages: first for refereed review; second for publication. The initial version is screened by the Editor-in-Chief, and then reviewed by the respective Associate Editor. Papers passing this step are submitted by the Associate Editors to referees for blind review. Referees names and analyses are not provided to authors. The goal of the Journal is to make acceptance decisions, based on these reviewers' inputs, by the end of February. Papers which adequately respond to referees' concerns are then ready for the second stage.

This stage begins with the author(s) submitting two copies of the final version to the Editor-in-Chief by the end of March. Accompanying these must be a 3-1/2" diskette with the paper in a ASCII text or MacIntosh Microsoft Word file. The goal is to publish the next volume by October. Authors should be aware that the Journal is available electronically via World Wide Web, and that editing may be necessary to meet page limitations and other goals.

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