The Cal Poly Pomona
Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies

Volume 10
Fall 1997

Table of Contents


A Cross-Disciplinary Approach to Risk Analysis in Public Policy: With Applications to Food and Agricultural Policy, Food Safety, and Affirmative Action - James Weidman, Nicole Kefalas - 149

Business Administration

Making Room at the Top: Chipping the Glass Ceiling - Robert W. Allen, Shanthi Srinivas, Shiori Sakamoto - 123

Implementing the User Approach in Accounting Courses - Richard D. Hulme, Keith B. Ehrenreich, Donald F. Putnam - 141

Medicare, Medicaid, Medigap, and Managerial Confusion - Thomas H. Patten, Jr. - 51

The Effect of Bank Acquisition on Stockholder Wealth - Arphaphan Chavaltanpipat, Shady Kholdy, Ahmad Sohrabian - 67

Having Your Cake and Eating it Too: Avoiding the S Corporation Single Class of Stock Rules While Granting Stock-like Incentive Compensation - Cheryl Cruz, John Karayan - 155

A Study of Individual Computer Self-Efficacy and Perceived Usefulness of the Empowered Desktop Information System - David A. Lopez, Daniel P. Manson - 83

Dolores Huerta: Cesar Chavez' Partner in Founding the United Farm Workers Union in California - M. Christie Mullikin, Carol Jones - 115


An Experimental Investigation of Visual Enhancements for Programming Environments - M. Kathleen Hayden, Lorne Olfman, Paul Gray, Niv Ahituv - 19

A New Approach to the Implementation of Associations in Object-Oriented Systems - John Giors, A.R. Marudarajan, M.K. Hayden, L.B. McCurdy - 107

Environmental Design

In the Shadow of Technology: Questions to Ask When Adopting Computer Applications in Planning Education - Richard Willson - 35

Illuminating the Shadows: A Response to Willson - Gwen Urey - 43

Renewal Through Regenerative Design - Mark von Wodtke - 135

Hotel and Restaurant Management

Faculty Qualifications and Factors Influencing Employment Decisions of Administrators in Hospitality Education - Lea Wikoff - 27

Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences

More Than Food for Thought: Mind-Metabolism in Literature - Samual I. Bellman - 59

O.J. and the Right of Access - Mary Kay Switzer - 1


Detection of Ripening-Induced Cytochrome P-450 Protein in Various Varieties of Avocado (Persea Americana, Mill.) - Kristin R. Bozak, Airica L. Baxter-Burrell, Eun Young Joo, Wilmot D. Garnett - 79

On the Bounds for Perron Roots of the Arithmetic Symmetrization of Nonnegative Matrices - Hasan A. Çelik, Dursun Tasçi - 93

On the Upper Bounds of the Perron Roots of Nonnegative Matrices - Dursun Tasçi, Hasan A. Çelik - 97

The Universality of the Hyperpolar Images of the Sierpinski Carpet and the Menger Sponge - Frank Glaser - 9

University Library

Information Competence in the CSU: Empowering Students for Personal Freedom and Lifelong Learning - Kathleen K. Dunn, Danette A. Cook Adamson - 101

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