The Cal Poly Pomona
Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies

Volume 11
Fall 1998

Table of Contents

Assessing a Virtual Course: Development of a Model - Liliane Fucaloro, Karen Russikoff - 1

Finances at a State Supported University: A Case Study - Gilbert J. McKee - 17

Eco-Tourism Development: Solutions Through Distance Learning and Open Learning Systems - Lea Wikoff, Eunice Velempini - 27

Linking Information to Learning: Three Frameworks for Design Studio Instruction in the Italian Foreign Studies Setting - Philip Pregill - 35

The Challenge of Non-Traditional Universities in 21st Century Higher Education - Thomas H. Athey - 41

Distance and Mediated Learning: An Essay from Experience - Renford Reese - 47

A Teaching Code for Group Theory - Hasan A. Çelik - 53

Diversity of Introductory Students' Learning Styles, Revisited - Richard D. Hulme - 59

International Lawsuits and the Federal Doctrine of Forum Non Conveniens - Norman Gregory Young - 69

Health Behaviors Which Students Would Like to Improve: Results of a Student Health Needs Survey - Kristine Brown, Jim Grizzell - 79

A New Strategy for Improving Business Research - Gus M. Geursen, Keith B. Ehrenreich - 85

Electronic Commerce and Third Party Initiated Transactions: A Conceptual Exploration - Wm. Bruce Schneider, Abhinay Diwale, Nasrollah Ahadiat - 97

University Strategic Planning: Application of the Balanced Scorecard to International Public Relations/ Communications Programs - Reed Markham - 109

The United States and the World: An Essay on the Changing Role of International Education - George Eisen -115

"Transgressing the Boundaries" of Ethical Discourse: Speculations on the Rhetoric of Decorum - D. Robert DeChaine - 119

The Proposed National Retail Sales Tax and Its Impact on Individual Taxpayers - Dana Harper - 127

A Hyperpolar Image of the Mandelbrot Set - Frank Glaser, Andy J. Robles - 139

Accounting and Tax Aspects of Risk Financing Techniques - Ronald Wilhelm - 147

Northern Ireland and North Korea: Exemplars of Peace Processes and the Management of Conflict? - Thomas H. Patten, Jr. - 157

The Case Against Technical Specialization in Undergraduate Education: Accounting as a Case in Point of an Interdisciplinary Debate - William Shafer, Amy Putnam - 167

Performance Measures: The Link with Organizational Strategy - Edward O'Mara, Ross Chapman, Paul Hyland, John Karayan - 175

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