The Cal Poly Pomona
Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies

Volume 12
Fall 1999

Table of Contents

Teamsters' Management Policies and Politics That Influence the Union Today Doreen E. Johnson,
R. Richard Sabo - 1
Alcoholics Anonymous: Come for Sobriety and Stay for the Fellowship Gary A. Cretser, William K. Lombardo, Heather Dickerson,
Dorene Doherty, Matt Olson, Michelle Peñaflor - 11
Cuba is Changing in the Global Era; Official Ideology is Not Saul Landau - 23
The Hollywood Bowl and the Democratization of Music  Kenneth H. Marcus - 31
Customer Satisfaction With A Center-Based Assistive Technology Service Delivery Model  Barbara E. Bromley - 39
European and North American Models of Distance Education Oliver Boyd-Barrett - 45
Wind & Earthquake Response in Very Long Span Cable-Stayed Suspension Bridges Hany J. Farran - 55
Lines in the Digital Sandbox Lev Gonick - 63
Will Virtual Faculty be Eligible for Tenure: Exploring Assessment of Virtual Forms of Scholarship Ruth A. Guthrie - 69
Inversion of Hyperpolar Sierpinski Triangles With Respect to a Hyperpolar Circle Frank Glaser - 75
The Effectiveness of Telecommuting for the Employee, Employer, and Society Michelle M. Hawkins, Louise L. Soe, Lara Preiser-Houy - 87
Multicultural Versus Global Education: Why Not Two Sides of the Same Coin? Frederick J. Baker - 97
The Disk Rotation of the Milky Way Galaxy Vincent Kong, George Rainey - 103
The Impact of Insurance Mergers on Shareholder Returns Jeannie Kusnadi, Ahmad Sohrabian -109
A Novel Use of a Computer Simulator to Design an Industrial Refrigeration System K. Hing Pang - 117
The Reality of Differences Shiori Sakamoto - 125
The Advertisement as Literary Genre Samuel I. Bellman - 139
Experimental Economics and Empirical Testing of Discretionary Disclosure Theory Rose Marie Martin - 149
Racine's Phaedra as Poetic Photojournalism Wayne Rowe - 157
Effects of Core Requirements on the Performance of Accounting Students Anwar Y. Salimi - 169
An Application of Abstract Nonsense to Surface Area Harriet Lord - 179
Distance Learning Compensation in CSU Business Schools Robert L. Hurt, Joumana McGowan - 189
Business Strategy and Computer Simulation Model  Behrouz A. Aslani - 195
Sweden Adopts German Model for Regulation of Insider Trading: Consequences for American Traders Maria Kathleen Boss, Cheryl A. Cruz, John Karayan - 203

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