Volume 13
Fall 2000

Table of Contents

A Historical Perspective in Teaching Science and Mathematics Mark Burgin - 1
Prospective Information in Managements' Discussion and Analysis: A Test of Incremental Information Content A. Elaine Eikner, Hassan Hefzi, G. Willian Glezen - 13
Low Grades and Student Health: At the Core of the University Mission Jim Grizzell - 23
Expanding the Boundaries of Education Through International Student Teaching: From California to Mexico  Frederick J. Baker, Rosalie Giacchino-Baker - 31
Performance in Auditing: The Effect of the Accounting Information Systems Course  Jeanne H. Yamamura, Rose Marie Martin, Walter M. Campbell II, Sharon N. Campbell, Albert H. Frakes - 43
Inversion of Hyperpolar Sierpinski Carpet With Respect to a Hyperpolar Circle Frank Glaser - 57
Views Toward American Culture, Race and Ethnicity Among College Students William Kratt - 67
Dilbert and Dogbert in the Information Age: Productivity, Corporate Culture and Comic Art Karen Langlois - 79
The Plight of the California Farm Worker: Nothing Has Changed Much Olga Felix, R. Richard Sabo - 87
The Relationship Between University Students' Problem Solving Styles, Cultural Values, and Ethics Richard D. Hulme - 93
Stress as a Compensable Factor in Job Evaluation Thomas H. Patten, Jr. - 107
Toward Global Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Mahmoud Abu-Raddaha, William Schneider, Rick Hayes, John Karayan - 117

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