Volume 14
Fall 2001

Table of Contents

A Linear Ordering Theorem for Weighted Means of Functions Relative to Weight Functions Frank Glaser - 1
Incorporating Student Working Experiences into GIS Education Xudong Jia, Cheryl Hickam - 9
Saving Private Jose: Midwest Mexican American Men During World War II Richard Santillan - 19
Apparel Executives' Industry Perceptions: Implications for Academia Roseanna Garcia, Cynthia Regan - 31
Multi-Disciplinary Collaboratively Taught Studies Hersh Farberow - 43
Characteristics and Accommodations for College Students with Learning Disabilities Melinda Pierson, Barbara Glaeser - 55
Performance Expectations and Burnout in Private Club Management Edward Merritt - 59
Zen and the Art of Photography Wayne Rowe - 67
A Comparison of Attitudes Towards Women as managers in China and in the U.S. Carol Larson Jones, Lianlian Lin - 75
Trends in America's Public Schools: What Will the Future Hold? Frederick Baker - 83
Encouraging Students to Value Their Education: An Unusual Assignment Richard Johnson - 95
Financial Accounting Issues in Commercial Lending Institutions: a Cross-Cultural Study Nasrollah Ahadiat, Anwar Salimi, Hong Pak - 101
A 'Curriculum Thread' to Prepare Diverse Polytechnic Students for Career Success through Relationships Ardel Nelson - 113
Airborne and Spaceborne Imagery for Mapping Francelina Neto - 119
How to Enhance the Evaluation of Faculty in Geographically Dispersed Sites: Use of Performance Evaluation Systems A. Hilgert, Rose Marie Martin - 127
Off Balance Sheet Assets in Central Governments: Are They Unique or Are They Really Assets? Salme Nasi, Kathryn Hansen, Hassan Hefzi - 137
Information in the Context of Education Mark Burgin - 155
Features of a Successful Group Experience: A Reflective Learning of the Characteristics and Process Behaviors of a Diverse Committee Ali Mossaver-Rahmani, Dorothy D. Wills - 167
Bridging to the Other Side: the Northern Ireland Peace Process Since the "Good Friday Agreement" Thomas Patten - 181
Continuous Improvement Tools and Support Mechanisms in Australian Manufacturing Robert Mellor, Paul Hyland, John Karayan - 189

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