Volume 15
Fall 2002

Table of Contents

Advances in Digital Photogrammetry and Mapping from Space Francelina Neto - 1
Looking Unabashedly: Reflections on Public Reactions to Disability Barbara E. Bromley - 9
Management Skill as a Predictor of Success Edward Merritt - 13
Academic Importance: Differences among Adolescents Grouped by Class Placement and Rank within Placement Melinda Pierson, Barbara Glaeser- 21
Grizzly Bear Recovery Policy and its Consequences G. Sidney Silliman - 29
The Beauty Without Frontiers: The Interartistic - Intersemionic Value of Chinese Calligraphy in Cross-Cultural Education Da'an Pan - 39
A Case Study in University Transformation Karen Langlois - 49
Community of Practice: Fostering Learning in the Product Innovation Process Paul Hyland, Terrance Sloan, John Karayan - 57
Factors that Affect Choice of Major and College by Accounting Students. Anwar Salimi, Juhi Dudeja - 67
E-Procurement/Purchasing John B. Wyatt III, LeRoy H. Graw - 75
Defining the Disabled: Public Policy in the Workplace Evelyn M. Gutierrez, Thomas H. Patten, Jr. - 87
Pattern Recognition Methods for Improvement of Flexible Manufacturing Systems' Management Rita Gevorgyan, Richard Hulme - 97
Cultual Values in Thailand and Mexico: Oral Traditions, Folk Tales, and Proverbs East and West Rosalie Giacchino - Baker, Frederick Baker - 101
The n-dimensional Derivation Theorem and the Magnitudes of the defining Functions of the n-Dimensional Means Frank Glaser - 113

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