Mariappan Jawaharlal (Jawa), Ph.D.

Rose Float Animation Design

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Rose Float History
List of Cal Poly Floats from 1949 - Photos and Rendering
Cal Poly Pomona - Rose Float Club and Committee's website

2007 Original Concept
2007 Artistic Rendering

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Rose Float Animation Design course sequence is structured to assist students in the design and construction of Rose Float with special focus on the design and development of mechanisms for animation. The weekly meetings will be structured similar to an industry design engineering review. A number of guest lectures on topics such as mechanism design, hydraulics, dynamics and vibration will be organized. Each session will include design review, Q/A, progress check and computer demo modeling followed by work at the Rose Float lab. Students will work in teams and closely interact with Rose Float committee members. At least one visit to a major float builder will be arranged during the course. The course will help student teams to establish engineering specifications, develop several concept designs, identify the optimum concept for implementation, create CAD models, perform engineering analysis, simulate mechanisms, create part drawings, build mechanisms and complete integration with the system. All activities are to be completed under strict deadlines.

Meeting Times
Saturday 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Weekly Schedule - Design (Spring)




Introduction & History (L)
Understand the working structure of the Rose Float Program Rose Float Committee, Club, Alumni Association, Cal Poly SLO and the class.
Understanding of all major systems in the float (Rose Float Lab)


Identification of all mechanisms
Team formation
Frame CAD Model
Develop specifications Decision matrix (L)
Visit to Rose Float Lab Introduction equipment and machinery available (A)


Concept designs and concept evaluation (A)
Designing Linkage Mechanisms (L)
Rose Float Lab Using the equipment and machinery (Contd.)


Concept Design Review and concept Selection (A)
Designing Linkage Mechanisms (L)
Rose Float Lab/Computer Lab


Parametric/Detail design (A)
Motion Animation (L)
Rose Float Lab/Computer Lab


Detail design review (A)
Hydraulic Machines - Guest Speaker TBD (L)
Rose Float Lab/Computer Lab


Vibration - Guest Speaker TBD (L)
Design review (A)
CAD Model Animation


Prototyping and Fabrication TBD (L)
Cardboard or erector set models of mechanisms
Visit to one of the Professional Float Builder (TBD)


Final Design review
Part drawings


Presentations and Demo

Original Concept - 2007

Rendering - 2007


©2005 Jawa Mariappan