Mariappan "Jawa" Jawaharlal, Ph.D.

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy has been influenced by Educators-Authors such as Bloom, Roger Schank, Grant Wiggins, William Glasser and Kieran Egan. Good teaching enables learning by actively engaging the learners and providing authentic learning experiences. Real learning occurs only when the learner is immersed in a situation, forced to perform, given feedback and provided chances to adjust or change her behavior.

Learner engagement, satisfaction, knowledge retention and competency mastery are achieved when students are involved and led through a guided discovery process (by constructing knowledge) rather than being “told” how to get the right answers. In order for such learning to occur in classroom, my role, as teacher is not merely giving passive, textbook oriented lectures, but finding meaningful ways to engage and challenge the learners.

Areas of Interest
Simulation/Scenario Based Learning
Experiential Learning
Learner Centered Curriculum Development
Service Learning
Engineering Clinics
Calculus Clinic

Papers Related to Pedagogy (PDF versions)

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