List of Search Engines on the Web

2COOLWEB Business Resource
2COOLWEB Business Resource is a directory with a directory and link to informational resources and businesses geared towards supporting small businesses.

AAA World Announce Archive Matilda Search Engine
AAA World Announce Archive Matilda is a general search engine and directory. It is segmented by country and includes hundreds of categories with an monthly hit rate of over 1.5 million.

ACB Free For All Links
ABC Free For All Listings lists your submission in one of several categories, each of which is limited in size. So, when your link gets to the bottom, it is removed. Links can be kept on for a fee.

AME Info (Middle East)
AME Info (Middle East) is a business search engine and directory to some 200,000 companies throughout the Middle East.

ASE - The Airport Search Engine
ASE searches for airports either by the IATA-identifier or the city. Links to airport homepages are displayed as well.

Aardvark (Africa)
Aardvark is a searc engine and directory of web sites in and about Africa.

Above And Beyond Cool Site Of The Day
Above and Beyond Cool Site of the Day is an award site that selects one cool site per day. Do you have a Too Cool web site? Submit your site and find out!

Acclaim Exclusive
Acclaim Exclusive! is a simple yet advanced searchable database of businesses that has filters to define or expand a search.

Adze Cosmic Site Of The Night
Adze Cosmic Site of the Night is a vast cosmological site including commerce sites that are uncommon, uplifting, thought-provoking, mind-expanding, entertaining or just plain fun for your exploration and play. is an international agriculture search site with information on agriculture, equipment, cattle, livestock, grain and crops, futures market, and livestock.

All Ways Web
All Ways Web is a family oriented directory, search engine, and award site. It contains hundreds of family oriented sites and is meant to act as a filter for parents to sites appropriate for the whole family

Alta Vista
Alta Vista contains 8 billion words found in over 16 million Web pages and was introduced by Digital Equipment Corp. in December 1995. Alta Vista has one of the fastest spiders in the business today.

American Institute of Physics
The American Institute of Physics supports a searchable index if phyics related sites.

Anzwers (& New Zealand)
Anzwers Search Center is a general search engine designed for Australian and New Zealand users.

ArchNet is a virtual archaeology library with a searchable index.

Arkansas Direct - Arkansas's Only Search Engine
Arkansas Search is a search engine and directory of web sites in Arkansas. Claims to be Arkansas's only search engine.

Art Guide Search Utility
Art Guide Search Utility is a multi award winning site that includes a search engine and directory of art related sites on the Internet.

AsianNet - The Number one information provider of information on Asia.

Atlas - The Greek Index
Atlas is a collection of URLs that are related to Greece. Here you will find Greek companies, Internet Service Providers, Universities, Magazines, News Sources, Cultural archives etc.

Audio World's Online Directory
Audio World's Online Directory has access to everything audio-related on the web. Contains direct links to the web sites, and has a growing database of company reference cards and site guides.

Aviation Industry Resource
International aviation industry listing and registry service that has thousands of links, free listings of aircraft for sale and bulletin board service.

BizLink is a category of listings that has recently been redesigned, whose goal is to point the world to your homepage.

BizWeb a list of a wide range of companies on the web. Companies are categorized and listed by the goods or services they provide.

Bizdelhi (India)
Bizdelhi (India) is an award winning search engine for businesses in New Delhi, India.

Buildnet provides a directory of vendors, construction companies and contractors, and other construction related sites on the web

Builders Connection
Builders Connection is the largest builder building directory in the United States. A one stop construction site for any one building, commercial or residential building, home remodeling

Buscador Ozu (Spain)
Buscador Ozu is a search engine in Spanish that contains sites related to Spain.

Business Seek
Business Seek search engine is a world wide businesses directory that has the ability to search for businesses by name, location, and industry.

Buy It Online
Buy IT Online first -- whatever you're looking for, it's probably available online! List your site and watch your sales take off!

CMG Networks
CMG Networks Marketplace is a directory of hundreds of commercial websites listed by categories.

Career Links
Career Links is a syndicated column dedicated to career search and advancement. Contains links with career related website

Career Resource Center
Career Resource Center is an award winning career web site dedicated to help employers and employees find each other.

Cari Malaysia Search
Cari Malaysia Search is current, easy-to-search site for all Malaysians and Internet surfers around the world.

Chicago Business Network
The Chicago Business Network™ provides consumers and businesses with easy access to a wide variety of Chicago and business-related resources that have presence on the World Wide Web.

ChinNet is the worlds first WWW server dedicated to pet chinchillas. Here, everybody is invited to share his pictures, addresses and other useful information with other owners from all over the world.

Christianlinks was designed to let Christian's that are on the Internet have access to thousands of other Christian Websites, ALL within three clicks of the mouse!

Circuit Online
Circuit Online is the semiconductor's industries service directory It has an online database of services for semiconductors and circuits, IC Design, ECAD, EDA, FCC, FIB, Gate Array, and more.

Companies Online
Companies Online is a complex search engine for companies listed with Companies Online or Duns & Bradstreet.

Cool Banana
Cool Banana! provides the best of the web daily! The sites offer depth and content with great innovative design. Our Webmonkeys choose sites which chosen don't require a T1, plug-ins or any specific browser!

Cool Site Of the Day
Cool Site of the Day, is a wildly popular Internet site that features interesting, provocative, and irreverent web sites from around the world.

Cool Site of the Nite
Cool Site of the Night is a very popular site with a new cool site selected every night.

Cow Pie Awards
The Cow Pie Award site recognizes cool sites on the web, with the Cowpie Awards. CPA offers the opportunity for SoCoOL visitors to say thanks to a representative sample of truly outstanding work now being done on the World Wide Web.

Cozy Cabin
The Cozy Cabin Search Engine is a Christian search engine and directory that automatically filters submissions for adult content to provides a healthy family oriented internet expereince.

Curioscape is the most comprehensive antiques and collectibles directory on the internet. Listing of dealers, auctions, clubs, as well of links to hundreds of collectable web sites.

Cyber Mall
Cyber Mall is your first resource for advertising your products and services offering free advertising provided to help you promote your company.

CyberTurkey Search
CyberTurkey Search - Search on Turkey and Turkey related sites.

Cyborg's Neosphere
Cyborg's Neosphere, is a directory of Directories to the WWW. Standard Industrial Classification (SIC). Save time & money. Post a graphical link to your site.

Dallas Directory
Dallas Directory is a search engine and directory that provides hundreds of listings of businesses and interests related to the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Define the Anzwer
Define the Anzwer is an Australian and New Zeland general search engine and directory.

Dynamite Site Of The Nite
Dynamite Site Of The Night is an award site that selects a new site daily. Previous sites are also displayed. Lots of visitors to this page.

Dynatek Infoworld (China)
Dynatek Infoworld is a Chinese American resource website for International information, business and entertainment news from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

Ecotravel is a directory of sites and services related to the outdoor sports and adventure travel industry.

Eauto is a comprehensive director and search engine related to the purchase, upkeep, and the maintenance of automobiles.

Ecila (France)
Ecila is a searchable directory of web sites in French and sites specializing on France.

Education Index
Education Index is an annotated guide to the best education-related sites on the Web.

Educational Resources Directory
Educational Resource Directory is a compilation of Internet sources of interest to students, teachers and schools.

Egyptian InfoCenter
Egyptian InfoCenter is the official internet site of the Ministry of Tourism, Egypt and includes links to information and sites related to Egypt.

Electronic Resources For Youth Services
Electronic Resources For Youth Services is dedicated to reviewing WWW resources related to children's literature and youth services.

Electronics Manufacturers On the Net
Electronics Manufacturers On The Net is a directory and search engine devoted exclusively to manufacturers of electronic hardware products on the Internet.

Electronics Manufacturing
Electronics Manufacturing is a top five award winning site including a listing and directory of electronics manufacturing firms

Europages is a yellowpages like system for Europe that lets companies submit themselves to be included, offers a number of different languages and has several different searching capabilities.

Exchange Net Cool Sites
Exchange Net Cool Sites is an award site established to promote enjoyment of some of the more interesting and entertaining parts of the web.

Excite is a directory and search engine which has indexed over 1.5 million databases and includes over 35,000 site reviews. This is one of the top five major search engines.

Exploratorium Ten Cool Sites
The Exploratorium presents ten cool science, art, and education sites for each month.

FYI claims to be the "only-Florida" search directory. If your business is in Florida this is the place to be listed!

Fashion Navigator
Fashion Navigator is a multi-lingual directory of the Fashion industry represented on the internet.

Feline WWW Sites
Feline WWW Sites is an attempt to bring together as comprehensive a set of worldwide feline links as possible.

Ferret Central
Ferret Central is a web page with a directory o information and services dedicated to ferrets

Fido's Cool Site of the Day
FIDO's Blue Ribbon Site of the Day is an award winning site that chooses a certain topic and a cool site for each day related to that topic. Most of sites selected are those that young children could enjoy.

Find Arts
Find Arts is dedicated to contemporary artists enabling viewers to find artists by multiple criteria. We offer sites and links to artists and galleries. is a search engine, of business sites, personal pages, and chat rooms. Come and list your site for FREE for instant indexing.

Fineart Forum
Fineart Forum is a directory of 1000 art resources that can be accessed via the Internet; websites, gophers, ftp sites, mailing lists and other types of resources are included.

Frequent Finders
The Frequent Finders Club has a simple way of finding a bringing users and vendors on the web together by providing a very easy to use interface.

Froggy Page
The Froggy Page is home to all kinds of virtual frogginess, from the silly to the scientific kinds of virtual frogginess, from the silly to the scientific.

GTE Cool Site of the Week
Cool Site of the Week picks a few cool sites every week. They define cool as unique, interesting, humorous, different, informative, imaginative, innovative or useful to your browsing experience.

GUNHOO consists on firearms links: alphabetized, categorized, regionalized and searchable.

General Media
General Media is a searchable directory of unique and interesting sites on the web including a listing of sites for children, Cool Sites, Travel, Reference Sports, and more.

Germany.Intersearch is one of the premier German search engines.

GOLDlinks is a new business directory dedicating to providing quality services to businesses who want to advertise their products and services, and consumers, who can use this directory to find quality products and services.

Golf Web
GolfWeb is the Internet's premier golf Web site and is committed to providing "Everything Golf on the World Wide Web."

Great-Lakes Commerce Network
Great-Lakes Commerce Network is a directory of business sites in the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, New York, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Greater Hampton Roads (Virginia)
Greater Hampton Roads is a directory of sites related to South Eastern Virginia. Business listings by industry, government pages, and personal sites. Let your customers find you.

HIS-NET is a Chrstian network with the mission to spread the work in mind. It incorporates a yahoo like engine and directory.

Health A to Z
Health A to Z is a search engine for health and medicine.

Healthcare Marketplace
Healthcare Marketplace supports a business search for healthcare.

HelpCrawler is a search engine that index sites that provide help to users that need help with online or computer issues.

Hit The Beach! - Wave Of The Day
Hit The Beach! Wave of the day spotlights a different Web site every day. From he informative to the entertaining, the esoteric to the bizarre, there's something for everyone.

Honduras Interactive Commerce and Travel Guide
Honduras Interactive Commerce and Travel Guide is a search engine where one can find information on travel, business, sports, people, and much more about Honduras.

Hong Kong Search Engine
Channel Hong Kong's Stock Quote Service - providing real-time trading prices on HK stocks.

Horse World
Horse World is a professional business directory for the Horse Industry. Designed to promote the Horse Industry world wide, via a computer on-line to the Internet.

Hot Rod Your Head!
Hot Rod Your Head is an award winning index that promotes physical and mental well being. Included are a list of resources that aid in the quest to reach your full potential, and stimulate your mind and inspire your heart.

HOTLAVA is a category-based alternative to the standard messy spider search engine.

HotYellow is a search engine and dirctory of over 185,000 web sites.

Hotbot is one of the most complete Web index, containing 54 million documents. This is one of the major search engines powered by Inktomi technology and is part of HotWired.

Hudir (Hungry)
Hudir is a search engine and directory of sites that are dedicated contains related information about Hungry

Humor Search
Humor Search: The Source for humor on the net! Searches the web for humor sites. Joke of day, Vault, Asinine Story lines and more!

Iexplorer is a yahoo like search engine with a corresponding directory.

In 2 Ireland
In 2 Ireland is Ireland most complete Search Engine and Directory.

Indolinks (India)
A directory and search engine dedicated to promoting Indian businesses world wide

Industry Link
Industry Link is a site that is dedicated to providing a listing and search engine of information on industrial groups

Info-Links (UK & Ireland)
UK and Ireland directory with constant display using frames

InfoHub Specialty Travel Guide
InfoHub Specialty Travel Guide lets you search for travel tours through a number of different options. is a search engine and directory that provides information concerning the field of medicine.

Calls itself "the ultimate guide" and is powered by Altavista search engine technology. It includes businesses, people, industry directories and premium services such as free email for life.

Informations about Indonesia
Informations about Indonesia is an informative site divided into categories.

One of the top five search engines on the Web and also one of the oldest.

Infoworld Hot Sites
Infoworld Hot Sites is a listing of the hottest sites on the internet listed by category. Submit you hot site today!

International Real Estate Digest
International Real Estate Digest is the foremost international real estate on line magazine on real estate. Listing of agents, loan information, property list and more. Listed by location

International Small Business Consortium
International Small Business Consortium is a directory of small businesses and has a wealth information for small business owners.

Internet Health Library
Internet Health Library is a resource containing information that is accessible through a keyword/phrase pertaining to the world of health.

InvestorWeb is a directory of information where one can find investment information.

Iowa online Directory
Iowa online Directory is a "grass roots" site that has directories of information on all aspects of life in Iowa

Itfx is a concept of Future Thought Technology (P) Ltd. Search Engines, Job Search Engines, Greeting Cards Online, Education, Add your Site, Internet Services and more…

JanisII/AsiaNet's Resources (Japan)
Janis II/AsiaNet Resources is dedicated to promoting cultural understanding, friendship, and interest of Japan.

Jayde Online Directory
Jayde Online Directory is a one stop solution to finding the best local and international web sites. Search Jayde's Database of 40,000+ Links.

JobWeb is a comprehensive career related web site allowing employers to post job listing and candidates to post resumes. Several links with career resouces on the web

Jump City
Jump City has links to the best site of the web.

Just Quotes
Just Quotes

Korea Conrner (San Francisco Bay Area)
Korean Corner: On-Line Korean yellow page directory that lists Korean businesses in the Bay Area: Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Santa Clara, San Jose areas in California.

Landscape Architecture Virual Library
Landscape Architecture Virtual Library covers everything you wanted to know and more about Landscape Architecture

Lexiconn is a directory of businesses, institutions, and organizations in a wide variety of categories

Link Monster has a compelling collection of web link and search and Announcement Directory. Well organized and is the winner of many awards.

Search engine that sorts results at random, giving different users the same sites, but presented in a different order

Lonster's Pick of the Litter
Lonster's Pick of the Litter

Iyachts is a search service for the Nautical Community including listing of boats for sale, brokers, nautical products, services, and resources.

Lycomm Net Guide
Lycomm Net Guide is the future of the net! Buy, sell, trade, classified listings, access information, corportate videos, business listing, and much much more.

LYCOS has catalogued over 90% of the Internet...over 11 million sites! It offers a directory, search engine, Hot-links list and reviews. The Hot-Links-List ranks every site according to the number of links to it.

Lycos Germany
Lycos Germany is the German version of the popular Lycos English language search engine.

Lycos Top 5%
Lycos Top 5% is a selective directory of top-shelf sites rated by the Web's most experienced reviewers

Magellan one of the top 10 in internet directories and search engines. Includes both descriptions and reviews of Web sites. It contains listings for approximately 1.5 million sites, over 40,000 of which are fully reviewed and rated (1-4 stars). provides the personal and business user with a home for their web site, plus web site design, and online promotion. (Austria) is a new Austrian directory of e-mail and homepages in Australia and world wide.

Marketplace Mall
Marketplace Mall is a great Place If You Are Buying or Selling a Product or Service on The Internet! If you add your link your product or service will be listed in one of the world's fastest growing malls.

Matilda Direct Find World Directory
Worldwide directory with listings are organized in easy-to-find categories. Companion directory to AAA Matilda directory.

Med Help International
Med Help International is a medical search engine as well as a large online consumer health information resource.

Mexico@Linea is one of the leading search engines and directories in Mexico.

Midwest Web Connection (Nebraska & Kansas)
Midwest Web Connection is a regional directory of web sites in a 5 state area; Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri and South Dakota.

Mojoe is a directory of web sites and companies that use cutting edge internet design and JAVA script. It has the Java site of the month and an award

Money$earch provides a director of information to personal investing information on the web including

Munisource is a directory linked to over 700 municipalities worldwide.

Music Resources for an Online Planet
Music Resources for an Online Planet provides a listing of artists, relating to music and the industry. We provide a free listing service (search engine),a vast variety of MIDI files for downloading and other areas of interest.

NWI (Nordic)
NWI The Nordic Web Index (NWI) project is a collaborative effort across the Nordic countries, providing a free web search service to the general public on the Nordic countries

Nashvile Music Net
Nashvile Music Net has a huge directory of information related to country music including country music labels, recording studios, artists information, and an index of songs.

Nerd World Media is a large topic tree that is constantly growing. Includes links to pages and newsgroups organized by subject.

Netscape Destinations
Netscape Destinations a showcase of Netscape technology. These sites put the latest Netscape technology, including LiveVideo and Live3D, Java, Cool Talk, and Netscape In-Box Direct, into action.

New Jersey Business to Business
New Jersey Business to Business provides a comprehensive and easy to search database for business services in the Garden States

New Jersey Interenet Directory
New Jersey Internet Directory is a search database with over 1000 New Jersey based servers listing by town or category

New Jersey Link
New Jersey Link is a regional Interactive listing of New Jersey based servers

New Riders Yellow Pages
New Riders Yellow Pages You can search a by typing in partial site names, URLs, or words from a description in their search engine, or you can search by category. This is a well maintained site. (China) - China Infoweb is a searchable directory of sites pertaining to China.

Nijenrode Business Information Services
Nijenrode Business Information Services is an award winning web site that contains directories of business information resources on the web

Njsearch is a search engine devoted to sites from New Jersey.

No1Uno is dedicated to free speech on the web. The site contains a directory of unique sites listed by category.

Northern Light
Northern Light is a search service that provides custom search folders, premium quality sources, and an integrated results list of Web and premium information.

Northern Ohio SitesOnline
Northern Ohio Sites Online is the most comprehensive Web site listings, covering Northern Ohio! Some cities included are: Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Findlay, Lima, Mansfield, Sandusky, Toledo, Warren, Youngstown and surrounding communities.

Oomph! Korea Directory
Oomph! is a Korean Directory and search engine that let you go where you want to go. From government documents, to business information, Oomph! will get you there.

Outpost Of The Week
Rancho DeNada is an muti award winning search engine and directory. We constantly search the Web for places that capture the feel and fun of Rancho DeNada.

Ozarks On-Line - Site of the Day
Ozarks online - Bringing The World To The Ozarks, has a listing of area businesses (Missouri) and selects one site as "site of the day". (all sites will be considered)

PC Webopaedia
PC Webopaedia is the number one source search engine and directory on computer information technology.

PR Web Site Launcher
PR Web Site Launcher is a directory of new web sites listed by categories. List your press release for free!

Paradise Web
Paradise Web is a listing of web sites on the internet. List your URL for a free 30 day URL listing

Peekaboo save time and effort. Consult the New England Directory first! Dining, Lodging, Recreation, Travel, Vacation Information, general topics and so much more.

Petstation is the Internet Home Base For People Who Love Pets!

Pharmweb is a resource that includes a "Yellow Pages" of links.

Planet Search
Planet Search is a directory of business sites built by users. The database grows as users and businesses list their sites.

Platinum 100
Platinum 100 is a multi award winning site that displays the top 100 sites from the thousands of nominations.

Plumbing Web
Plumbing Web is a site containing directories of plumbing related manufacturers, organizations, contractors, and unions

Powercrawler is a new award winning search engine and directory that is similar to Yahoo with an added feature of alphabetic search.

Profind/Site Finder is a user built site which only include URLs submitted by users.

Promote is a site currently under heavy construction that currently is only supporting a links directory.

Pronet is the Internet's original international business directory, providing accurate and fast searches through hundreds of thousands of corporate websites worldwide from 175 countries and 65 market industries.

Public Safety Search Engine
Public Safety Search Engine is a public safety search engine, featuring law enforcement, fire and arms related web sites. Add your site or search for your favorite.

QuestFinder is the Internet's most easily accessed Search Engine, containing more than 20,000 website listings.

RDO Technologies
RDO Technologies is a free for all link page in addition to a categorized linked directory.

RacingPR - Whether you are fan of a Formula One, Indy car NASCAR, Sprints or NHRA drag racing, it is our goal to bring it to you as much information as we can gather!

Rainbow Mall
Rainbow Mall offers you the ability to search their databases either directly or though a number of categories.

Rapra Polymer Directory
Rapra Polymer Directory is a global trade directory for the rubber and plastics industries.

Real Estate Home Pages
Real Estate Home Pages is a resource for real estate information and links.

Religious Resources on the Net
Religious Resources on the Net is a comprehensive, searchable database of religious and Christian web sites on the Internet.

Resource-One is a general, keyword-based search engine that displays results by user rankings. It also allows reviews and individual product listings.

Rochester (NY) Area Web Index
Rochester (NY) Area Web Index is a directory of businesses in the Rochester area by alphabetical order

Scrub the Web
Scrub The Web is where you can search and browse the Net in real-time. Add your URL to Scrub The Web instantly. Be a part of Scrub The Web today!

Seacrawler (Seatle)
Seacrawler is a search engine and directory of business and personal web sites in Seattle.

Search Dragon
Search Dragon is an Asian based search engine and directory of businesses in the region. Search by country or by directory listing.

Search Malta
Search Malta is a search engine that contains sites that are related to the Maltese islands.

Search Richmond (Virginia)
SearchRichmond - Richmond's Cure for: en*gine*i*tis (ên' jîn í tis) n. 1. That depressed feeling you get when you search for Richmond, Virginia information in a national search engine and get 10,000 hits! - n. engineitis

Search@Cuscom is a keyword search engine.

Sherlock Homes
Sherlock Homes is a search engines exclusively to find personal home pages, indexed by name and country.

Shoparoo is a secure online shopping, e-commerce, Web Shopping, Internet Shopping, site with a searchable database of online vendors

Shopper's Only
Shoppers Only is a distinctive shopping venue offering unmatched products & service to its customers. We present a broad range of services and products from quality shops & stores, where all family members can shop in comfort.

SkiCentral is a seach index site for sking and snowboarding.

Small & Home Based Business Links
Small & Home Based Business Links contains dozens of links to quality small & home based business sites is a web site that links people with disabilites, and chronic health problems to respurces, products, and solutions geared to promoting a healthier life

South Dakota Popular Internet Places
South Dakota Popular Internet Places is a search engine and directory actively searching to get ALL South Dakota Internet Resources listed. The one source where anyone in the world can find information about South Dakota.

Special Needs Education (SNE) project
Special Needs Education (SNE) project is an Internet service providing resources in the education of students with special needs.

Swiss Search
Swiss Search - full text search engine for Switzerland, Suchmaschine für die Schweiz. L'index de recherche pour la Suisse entière. Il cercaindice per tutta la svizzera.

TechnoFind (Singapore)
TechnoFIND is the Singapore search engine designed to search for web sites related to Singapore. It is a browsable and searchable index or directory to Singaporean web sites.

The Arab Internet Directory
The Arab Internet Directory is a site is dedicated to the promotion and interest of Middle Eastern and Muslum life and culture

The Asource
The ASOURCE is a directory of unique things. We list sites that are unique resources on the net, that are intelligently designed, that reflect an entrepreneurial spirit, and an active commitment to business on the net.

The Aviation Home Page
The Aviation Home Page is an extensive directory of Aviation related schools, companies, manufactuers, and clubs and organizations

The Board
TheBOARD is a free virtual marketplace! Choose an area to browse through by clicking on the links.

The Electronic Shopper's Guide
The Electronic Shopper's Guide is listing of what to buy on the Net, and where to buy it ! The smart, easy-to-use online shopping directory.

The Federal Web Locator
The Federal Web Locator is a service provided by the Villanova Center for Information Law and Policy that provides users with a place to find federal government information.

The Gulf Coast Web Connection
The Gulf Coast Web Connection is a directory of web sites related to the Mississippi and Alabama Gulf Coast area.

The J-LINKS Meta-Index (Japan)
The J-LINKS Meta-Index is an index to indexes of Japan-related information

The Meeting Place
Meeting Place - You can place a graphical link to your home page in a category of your choice or search the entire archive of user home pages for people with similar interests.

The Music Review
The Music Review is a search from the search engine, category and new listings.

The Passport to Health Directory
The Passport to Health Directory with over 1,000 health and fitness related links the Passport to Health directory takes you straight to the best sites via keyword or category searches.

The Police Pages
The Police Pages: law enforcement related information on the Internet

The Rail
The Rail Directory is comprised of trains that will transport you to your category of interest and take on a ride across the next. From the Hobby Train to the Animal Car the rail directory can get you to your destination and brings internet travlers to y

The Student Homepage Directory
The Student Center is a web community for college students, high school students and teens. Information, entertainment, and a student HUB dedicated to students communicating.

The Ultralight Home Page
The Ultralight Home Page is a general interest page with a number of links and related information.

The Web Traveler Index
The Web Traveler Index provides a categorized index of travel related sites.

The Web-Werx Network
The Web-Werx Network is a directory that searches primarily for sites related to computers, Internet, and the World Wide Web.

The YellowPages
The YellowPages - Links to free services, products and much more. Over 1000 places to get free products and services. is the best online mall and more! We are a Mega-Archive and Library of Links! Get your site listed free!

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
Thomas Register of American Manufacturers is a database containing almost half a million industrial suppliers.

Thread Heads is a search engine and directory of information on embroidery and monogram on the web.

Tippecanoe is a directory of web marketing resources. Included are submissions by individuals and organizations that provide expertise in creating and maintaining a web presence including consultants, web software tools providers, etc.

Aviation Search Engine form Totavia is the internet's most complete aviation site/search engine for aviation enthusiasts, pilots, and vendors around the world.

Trade Wave Galaxy
TRADEWAVE GALAXY (E!NET) is a subject hierarchy directory and one of the top five directories on the Internet. Very easy to follow user interface.

Trader Online
Trader Online has listings for everything from autos to pets and will let you link a website to their link pages.

Transporter 1 Banet Search
Transporter 1 Banet Search is a series of search engines that are designed to simplify the process of finding a site on the Internet. Instead of looking through thousands of listings with many of them having nothing to do with what you are looking for.

Travelmag Webwide
Travelmag Webwide is a search engine that contains sites that pertain to traveling.

TrekNet Internet Services (Arizona)
TrekNet- Go on a trek on the net using this very nice graphical internet directory. Use this directory by pointing to the different graphics.

Tres Bizarre
Tres Bizarre - Sites selected on this page represent the stranger side of the web. Some of these sites are pretty, some make neat use of the web, some will shock you, and most of them will make you scratch your head and wonder why.

UA Internet Resources (Ukraine)
UA InterNet Resources - Directory of Ukrainian resources on the web.

UK Index
UK Index is a fully searchable index using both free text and category combinations.

URL Touch
URL Touch's Art & Humanities Page is an index of various sites dealing with the Arts & Humanities.

USA Online
USA Online! We serve 180,000 to 210,000 requests daily and have than 10,000 web banners linked to our site. Search by state, category, or view our directory.

USA Today Hot Site
USA TODAY scours the Web for sites that are hot, new and notable.

Ugabula, is a Spanish language only search directory. Uniting Spanish sites through out the world.

Universal Directory
Universal Directory is a global business directory for imports, export, sales, hotels, travels . . .

VanLink - Your Link to Vancouver: Business & Stocks: Companies, Stocks. Classifieds: Directories Classifieds, Email Addresses. Community & Services

Virtually Music San Diego
Virtually Music San Diego is run by San Diego musicians, for San Diego musicians, Virtually Music San Run by San Diego musicians, for San Diego musicians, Virtually Music San Diego is dedicated to supporting the local scene.

Washington, D.C. Registry
Washington, D.C. Registry--Washington, DC's Online Community with over 10,000 Washington, D.C. links

Web Estate Global Real Estate Web
Web Estate Global Real Estate Web is a directory of domestic and foreign real-estate and real-estate related companies.

Web Watch Internet in Belgium
Webwatch is an index of Belgian web sites, both a crawler and a manual index.

WebCrawler is one of the top ten search engines on the Internet today and is currently owned by America Online.

WebScot (Scotland)
WebScot is a free on-line searchable database resource of Scottish companies and organizations, who have their web presence.

WebVenture Hotlist
WebVenture Hotlist is a indexed direcotry of A large number of links in all categorized for easy access.

Webwheel is a simple search engine set in a virtual web page of Flagstaff, AZ..

Welcome to TennisNet
TennisNet is the most comprehensive directory of tennis web sites.

What's New
What's New - continuously updated links plus descriptions of new web sites. Searchable and customizable.

What-U-Seek faster than the competition over land, air, and water... indexing new sites up to every single hour! is the world's seven-days-a-week continuously updated, fully searchable directory of new Internet Web sites.

WhoWhere? is one of the largest online directories containing listings for businesses and individuals with over 16 million e-mail listings.

Windows Magazine Hotspots
Windows Magazine Hotspots - HotSpot Mission: To highlight the very best of the web in an always-fresh, daily-updated showcase of unusual, cutting-edge, useful, interesting, weird, funny, or technically slick sites.

World Email
World Email Directory is an online search engine for email addresses and URLs. The WED has built-in solutions to reduce unsolicited email.

World Wide Profile Registry
World Wide Profile Registry is a central database for personal profiles of Internet users from all over the world.

World Wide Realty Directory
World Wide Realty Directory is a directory to Real-estate Brokers and Agents in the United States

Worldclass Gold Tigers
Gold Tiger Awards - Six awards are presented monthly to the best of the best money, news, trade, reference, learning and networking global business sites.

Xavier Web Search
Xavier Web Search is a search engine and directory that has the ability to translate web pages from the major European languages into English.

Yahoo! - With over 15 million hits per day, its the best of the best. Yahoo! is a hierarchical directory and offers highly specific subcategories for easier information retrieval.

Yahoo! Internet Life (Useful Site of the Day)
Yahoo! Internet Life is your guide to the best on the web from the one of the best on the web.

Yahoo! Pick of the day
Yahoo! Pick of the day selects several interesting new sites each day as a show case of the best of the web.

Yeehaa is a multi language (English, Spanish, & Portuguese) general search engine and directory.

The YelloWWWeb Pages is a search engine and directory of businesses on the World Wide Web.

Yellow Pages UK
YELL is a search engine and directory compiled by the Yellow Pages to provide information about UK based companies and organizations.

Yelloweb European Directory
Yelloweb Europe was designed to provide easy multilingual access to European service listings. Yelloweb Europe is the European Web Guide.

Zebra is one of the largest resources for searching the local web - currently with a database of over 60 000 web pages and a further 120 000 earmarked for indexing.

ZenSearch is an alternative search engine on the World Wide Web - 100% Quality Sites.

Zip! (Korea)
Zip! is a directory of sites in Korean and English. Target the Korean speaking audience!

Zip2's City Guide
Zip2's City Guide is the fast, easy and interactive way to get around town or to search the net. - Music Resources for an Online Planet
The site adds links on the topic of music to the site.

yeeHa! (Texas)
Yeeha! Is a Texas website and resource directory with many categories.


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