Cal Poly Pomona

New Hire Orientation








Welcome to Cal Poly Pomona!

Please follow the steps below to complete the orientation process.

Step 1 - View Orientation Video

This orientation video will introduce you to Cal Poly Pomona and the many resources we have to offer. We will also discuss payroll forms, health benefits eligibility, and campus policies.

Video Button for Orientation Video

Step 2 - Complete Required Documents

Step 3 - Read Employee Policies & Procedures

Review the employee policies and procedures listed below and sign the Policy Acknowledgement Checklist:

Link to Additional Campus Policy Information

Step 4 - View Safety Video

View the Cal Poly Pomona Emergency Management Plan Video. This brief video outlines the basic operations of the campus emergency management plan and includes general instruction on emergency procedures such as evacuation tips. Once you have viewed the video, sign the Video Safety Acknowledgement Form.

Video Button for Safety Video

Step 5 -Emergency Procedures Review

Carefully read the Cal Poly Pomona Emergency Procedures Pamphlet (Red and white flip chart provided in your new hire packet). As you review the pamphlet, please note/write the following information, into your copy of the Emergency Procedures pamphlet, for your future reference (seek assistance from your supervisor/lead, if necessary):

  • First-Aid Kit Location (Under Medical Emergencies Section)
  • CPR/First Aid Contact and Alternate (Under Medical Emergencies Section)
  • Fire Alarm Locations (Under Fire Safety Section)
  • Location of Fire Extinguisher (Under Fire Safety Section)
  • Type of Fire Extinguisher—usually “ABC” (Under Fire Safety Section)
  • Names and contact information for Building Marshal and Floor Captain (Emergency Managers section on back)
  • Location of the Pre-Designated Evacuation Area
    (Emergency Managers section on back)

Once complete, please keep this flip chart in an easily accessible location for your reference. Complete the Emergency Procedures Individual Employee Training Documentation Form, sign it, and bring it with you to your orientation in Human Resources.

Step 6 - Initial Safety Training

Begin Button for Web Based IIPP Training

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