Package grtree

Class Summary
NPLviewer An application run from the command line.
Tree Tree is a class representing a kind of generalized tree that the user wishes to draw on a graphics plane or print on some page (or graphics plane).
TreeCanvas Canvas on which to paint the tree.
TreeExpression Here is a tree expression: "[a # [[b # [[c # [[d # []]]],[e # []]]],[f # []],[g # [[h # []]]]]]" It 'represents' the following tree: a / | \ b f g / \ | c e h | d It is assuemed that some other program will correctly generate the tree expression.
TreeScrollFrame A TreeScrollFrame is a nice frame that paints its tree.
TreeServer A TreeServer listens for a connection from a client at a port (3333).
TreeViewerThread A TreeViewerThread handles client's requests to draw Tree(s).