Psychology 325--Multicultural Psychology

Home  Weekly reaction papers are due each week, including final exam week. Students are to write a one- to two-page paper
Syllabus  each week on any topic involving multiculturalism.  The topic can be on the lecture, a videotape shown in class, a news item, an
Assignments  interaction outside of class, etc. The only requirement is that the paper has to be related to multiculturalism somehow. On
Exams  occasion, I may finid that one of your reaction papers in whole or in part may be particularly relevant to some
Resources   writing that I do. I would like your permission to quote you anonymously. If you prefer not, please let me know.


There will be four forms of extra credit for this class. One form of extra credit is student participation in multicultural experiences available on campus, such as attendance at events during Native American Heritage Month, African American History Month, Womens Herstory Month, The Vagina Monologues, or other programs sponsored by the Office of Student Life.  These opportunities will be discussed in class.

The second form of extra credit is participation in research studies in the Psychology and Sociology Department. There will be a hand-out in class on how to participate in such research through our Sona system if you need one.

A third form of extra credit is to either donate blood at our campus blood drive or to donate an hour's worth of time to this blood drive. The student must choose either one of these options, not both.

A fourth form of extra credit is to summarize a journal article that deals with multicultural issues. The following are the procedures for this form of extra credit:
  **  Select an article on diversity from one of the specified journals, last six months only (since July of last year).
  **  Summarize the article in one to two typed and double-spaced pages +/- 1/4 of a page.
  **  Photocopy the first page of the article.
  **  Turn in summary on or before the last lecture (not final exam week, but the 10th week of the quarter).

Eligible Journals:
   Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
   Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin
   The Counseling Psychologist
   Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology
   Journal of Counseling and Development
   Psychology of Women Quarterly

Students may participate in any combination of three extra credit opportunities. Each opportunity is worth three points for a total of nine points added to the final point accumulation.


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