Immigration and Acculturation


Three Perspectives on Acculturation

- Conformity
- Melting Pot
- Cultural Pluralism


Three Models of Acculturation

- Straight Line
- Continued Variability
- Third Generation Resurgence


Berry's Model of Acculturation

- Assimilationist
- Separationist
- Marginalist
- Integrationist


LaFromboise, Coleman, & Gerron (1993) Models of Acculturation

Assimilation--absorption into the dominant culture.
Acculturation--competence in a second culture without complete acceptance.
Fusion--a combination of cultures to form a new culture.
Alternation--bicultural competence.
Multicultural--distinct cultural identities are maintained within a single
  multicultural social structure.


Questions to Ask (Either Explicitly or Implicitly)

What is the family's specific historical experience of immigrating to the U.S.?
Did the family come alone or in groups?
Is there a possibility of returning?
Are they affiliated with ethnically identifiable areas?
Do they maintain their customs and rituals?
Do they look different from their American counterparts?


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